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Does Anyone Offer or Know a Doctor Who Offers Intralesional Electrodesiccation for Syringomas in the California Area?

I heard that this is one of the best treatments for syringoma. But I can not find a doctor who offers it in california. Does anyone here offer it or... READ MORE

Los Angeles Doctor Recommendations for Telangiectasia Removal

Please recommend a good, affordable doctor/facility in Los Angeles or San Fernando Valley for light source laser removal for a needle head sized... READ MORE

Where Can I Get Syringomas Treated in the East Midlands?

I cannot get treatment on the NHS as it is cosmetic and my GP refused to refer me to a dermatologist. He recommended private hospitals or cosmetic... READ MORE

Can any recommend any products or dermatologists in Atlanta? I have dark marks all over and my acne is getting worse.

I am an african american (21 years) women living in Atlanta. I have always had bad skin but it has gotten worse since I recently switched up my diet,... READ MORE

Terrible ingrown hairs on legs! (photos)

Hello, For the past few years I've been suffering from terrible ingrown hairs on my legs. At the recommendation of a dermatologist, I've tried... READ MORE

Recommnedations for the Best Medical Dermatologists in Michigan?

I have seen 2 dermatologists in my area (north of Detroit) and am not happy with the treatment results. Who do you recommend for treating and... READ MORE

Seeking Doctor Who Treats Hemosiderin Stains in NYC

I have a hard time finding a dr. who treats hemosidern stains (I have hemosiderin stains under my eyes, near the cheekbone from nose surgery) with a q... READ MORE

Are their any cosmetic surgeries to get rid of tinea versicolor?

I'm 24. I have had tinea versicor since I was in middle school. I am light skinned so my blotches are yellow. All over my back and chest. I've tried... READ MORE

Any doctor surgically remove Hidradenitis Suppurativa?

I have been diagnosed with Hidradenitis suppurativa (phase 2 or phase 3 to be determined) in my rectal area by my primary doctor. I have several on... READ MORE

Any recommendations for a Urologist/Dermatologist near Fort Lauderdale, FL to remove a Scrotal Cyst? (Photo)

Earlier this year, a dermatologist verified my lump to be a scrotal cyst. However he highly recommended that I have it removed by a Urologist, as... READ MORE

I need help with my huge sebaceous cyst. I'm in Seattle WA. How much it will be to remove ? (photo)

How much it will be to remove and where can I go for help I'll b paying myself !! Thank you so much READ MORE

Can Anyone Suggest Good Doctor in NYC? I Have Red Rash on my Back and the Itchiness is Unbearable? (photo)

Last year the red rash was on my leggs, and I went to the doctor, she told me it's eczema. She gave me cream, but it did not help. When summer came,... READ MORE

How do I get rid of this possible syringoma? What kind of doctor should I visit? (photos)

I developed this growth after using restasis. I stopped the prescription, but I noticed the growth got bigger. I want to get rid of it, is it possible? READ MORE

After scabies treatment and waiting 4 weeks rash is still there. What else could it be?

I have a rash which my doctor thought was scabies although she was not sure is it didnt itch. After completing the scabies treatment and waiting 4... READ MORE

I have dark skin & black spot on bump area. I'm 32 yrs female, married. Any suggestion for medicine/ cream or treatment? (photo)

Request to answer by skin specialist or Dermatologist,please ref. attached pic for more clarity on question. READ MORE

I have a cyst above my left eye. Any recommendation for a doctor for removal?

I have a cyst above my left eye. It doesn't hurt but want to get it removed. I wanted to know what would be the best doctor to go to so that I could... READ MORE

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