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I Have a Rash And/or Skin Discoloration on my Neck/collarbone? What is It?

What are these rings on my neck and collarbone? They dont itch. Just make me very selfconscious. Is there a home remedy to get rid of them? READ MORE

Concerned About This Discoloration Between My Breasts?

Age 21, no breast pain, no lumps. My nipple is inverted sometimes, but return to normal when stimulated. The skin between my breasts is slightly black... READ MORE

Can a Nose Pimple, with Black Discoloration, Spread over the Nose Top? What Danger, if Any

My granddaughter had a pimple on one side of the nose and this caused a blackish discoloration. The pimple healed but the discoloration spread over a... READ MORE

Discolored Bikini Area - What Can I Do?

I started using hair removal cream and shaving my bikini and intimate area a few years ago. Because of this my bikini area has become very discoloured... READ MORE

What are these light coloured areas on penis? (Photo)

For the last couple of months I have noticed some discoloration on on certain areas of my foreskin. My penis is fairly dark and these blotchy areas of... READ MORE

I Have a Problem Relating Penis Discoloration? (photo)

I have a problem relating Penis Discoloration? This is come when i was 12. My penis color is something weird, where there is discoloration about 60... READ MORE

Skin Discoloration on Inner Thighs? (photo)

Both my interior thighs next to my scrotum is discolored. It appears to be wrinkled and rough and dry skin, but when i touch it, it really doesnt feel... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Discoloration of Skin Around the Eyes? (photo)

My eyelid area (esp. the extreme outer edges of both eyes) is unusually red/bruised looking. This has been getting worse since adolescence (I'm... READ MORE

Will my skin discoloration from benzoyl peroxide heal? (photos)

I applied Benzoyl Peroxide to my for head where I had irritation bumps and now it left a dark dry patch on my face where I applied the benzoyl... READ MORE

How Come when I Shave my Face I Get a Green Tint/shade? How Can I Get Rid of This?

I'm 18 years old and I have thick hair, when I shave I get this green tint/shadow. How do I get rid of this? READ MORE

Will skin discoloration return to normal after cortisone injection on keloid and scrape marks after an accident? (photo)

So the first picture shows the scrape marks after a bike accident I had. The skin has returned but is white as opposed to my natural southeast asian... READ MORE

What is This Lump On My Left Eyelid? (photo)

I'm not sure how I got it but I woke up in the morning and it was bruised and throughout the month it was changing colors after 3 months it's my... READ MORE

Dark Discoloration and Dryness/flakiness from Perioral Dermatitis. Will Peels Work? (photo)

How do you get rid of discoloration from perioral dermatitis? It appears to be hyperpigmentation, but it does get red (Ex: I applied lactic acid and... READ MORE

I've Had a Discolored Big Toenail for About a Year. Could It Be a Fungi Infection? (photo)

It has never caused me any pain until recently when it began to sting very slightly. The nail does not grow very much and has develop ridges. The... READ MORE

I have a brown discoloration mark around the tip of my penis head. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

Hello Doctor. I'm a 34 year old man. I've had a brown discoloration mark around the tip of my penis head for many years since I was a teenager. There... READ MORE

Is this melanoma or something else? (photo)

Few days ago I noticed this "stain" on my toe. As far as I remember I had on the same place a longer time the same shape of stain, just that it was in... READ MORE

What might be causing the bumps and discoloration on my chin and how can I clear it?

I have small bumps on my chin. I'm not sure how to get rid of them or what causes them. Also, I have a lot of discoloration on chin as well as upper... READ MORE

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