Dark Skin + Dermatology

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Best Treatment for Dpn on Dark Skin with No Scarring or Hyperpigmentation?

Best treatment for dpn on dark skin causing no scarring or hyperpigmentation READ MORE

I would love to know what treatment would be best for my hyperpigmentation. Any ideas? (Photo)

In Mesa, my dermatologist diagnosed me with folliculitis. I don't have that many eruptions from it, but when I do they leave behind dark spots, not... READ MORE

I have very dark knees it's dry and dark! How do I correct this? (photo)

I've been to the dermatologist and they gave me a gycolic acid gel. READ MORE

Is tretinoin of any benefit to darker skinned patients?

I don't have acne or sun damage. My issues are pore size, and uneven skin tone. Tretinoin is extremely irritating and is causing peeling, redness and... READ MORE

Can Rosacea be a result of using retinoid?

I'm a medium/dark complexion Indian who has never had a sun burn or experience red skin until using tazorac (for acne) which I've not used for 2 yrs.... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Dark Marks Between my Legs Cause from Them Rubbing Together when I Was Overweight?

How to get rid of dark marks between my legs cause from them rubbing together when I was overweight? Please help, I have tried several creams, but non... READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of the Dark, Scaly Skin Between my Breasts?

I am an African-American woman, and for years I've lived with a large, dark, scaly, dry patch of skin between my breasts. It's noticeable when I where... READ MORE

How do I get rid of two bumps on my forehead? (photo)

I been having this since I was small. Its big bumps on my forehead. It makes me look like hell boy. From the side you can see like a ball. I don't... READ MORE

My Lips Are Making Not Want to Leave my House?

Hi please can someone help me. I'm a dark skin person with dark lips. I want pink lucious lips and I thought it was possible with permanent lip colour... READ MORE

Can 2nd Degree (Superficial) Frostbite Cause Permanent Discoloration? (photo)

I am 24yr old pacific islander with medium dark skin...I have gotten a superficial frostbite while out sledding on my jaw area.. It started to blister... READ MORE

Bumps on Skin Almost Corrugated on My Toe. Painless, But What Could it Be?

Have some very small hard bumps on the skin of my great toe. The bumps are not discolored, painful or itchy. The skin near the upper arch of my... READ MORE

If you have pimple on the sides of vagina and the skin is slightly dark, what is this?

Looks like a little bruise on the sides of the vagina flap and the pimples follow the outer line of it. I never had sex before too. READ MORE

What can treat the dark line that has spread underneath my bottom lip? (photo)

I tried sugar and water also aloe but nothing works and it has spread READ MORE

Is it possible that black skin becomes white skin?

I am a 18 years boy and my skin is black, i want my skin become white.... please help me please.. please help by any suggestions,by using an types of... READ MORE

I've had a non-itchy and non-painful rash on my face for about 5 weeks. How can I cure this problem? (photos)

I'm having non-itchy and non-painful rash on my face which has been there for about 5 weeks. I also noticed some pigmentation changes in some areas of... READ MORE

What products can I use to get rid of these scars caused by bed bug bites? (photo)

I have had a recent encounter with bed bugs for the first time ever in my life and I see that it left me with embarrassing scars all over my arms. I'm... READ MORE

How to get rid of dark hyper pigmented and pitted scars (due to nail scratches) on dark skin? (photos)

Hi, I have a dark scar on my face and it has been there for over 10 years. I used a blade to scrape off the upper layer of my scarred skin years ago... READ MORE

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