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Should I go to a Dermatologist or Urologist to remove two pea-sized epidermoid cysts from my scrotum? (photo)

I have two pea sized cysts on my scrotum, and I would like to know how much it would cost to have them removed before going to the doctor. They are a... READ MORE

Possible Cyst on scrotum? Cost to remove? (Photo)

One year ago, I removed what I thought to be an ingrown hair from the center of this growth. The lighter circular area on the bottom-right corner of... READ MORE

Cysts on Chest - Covered By Insurance?

I Have Like 8 Med/lg Cysts Running Down the Middle of my Chest and Like 30 Ingrown Hairs that need to be removed by a dermatologists. I want my... READ MORE

How can i remove a big sebaceous cyst from my back? (Photo)

I have suffered with this golf ball size cyst in the center of my back for 15 years. with no health insurance and not having the $10,000.00 or more to... READ MORE

Numbness After Scalp Cyst Removal

Why I Still Feel Numbness After the Cyst Removal on my Scalp? The Surgery Was Done More Than Seven Days Ago. READ MORE

Is there another option to remove a sebaceous cyst from my face other than cutting it out?

I have a sebaceous cyst above my upper lip ( in the space between my nose and my lip). It got infected last year and was drained at a hospital. I was... READ MORE

What can I do to get rid of red marks on my face that are remnants of sebaceous cysts from months ago? (photos)

I have tried multiple over-the-counter creams and prescription creams, such as tretinoin, lightening creams, root salve, and benzoyl peroxide. They... READ MORE

Unknown Cyst on Lower Eyelid- Options?

Unknown Cyst on Lower Eyelid, what are my optins? READ MORE

Small Bump on Neck? (photo)

Bump on my neck...went to ent...told me thyroglossal duct cyst. A few weeks have passed and the bump appears to be changing. Its marble sized lump now... READ MORE

What is this bump that turned into an open crater on my cheek? My doctor suggested Staph Infection. (photo)

I have these pop up every once in awhile. Mostly on my cheek and tip of nose. Starts as hard bum and then opens up into crater with raised edges. I've... READ MORE

Cheap cyst removal ?

I need a Cyst removal from my buttocks ( need to sit down at work). But health insurance only covers surgeries AFter a 6k deductible. Any ideas for a... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend of scrutol cyst?

Sir ,i am having cyst(nodules) painless on my scrutom...i am too much worry about this..plz suggest any proper treatment READ MORE

How much does it cost for a small cyst removal? (photos)

I think I have a small cyst on my scrotum I've had it for years now doesn't bug me or hurts but idk I kinda want to get it removed. Just looks wierd... READ MORE

I have a large red, cyst-like bump on my my hairline, I am wondering what it could be?

I have been wearing a new hat that has been a little constrictive, I am pretty sure that this is the cause of it but I am wondering how best to treat... READ MORE

Why my sebaceous cyst turned black? Is this bad? (photos)

I already had my check up last 2 months ago and the dr. said it's a sebaceous cyst. I'm worrying cause I feel it's gonna pop up anytime cause it's... READ MORE

Is this sebaceous cyst or genital wart? (photos)

Hello, I am worried because I'm not sure if I have a sebaceous cyst or genital wart. I included images if you don't mind looking. Thank you. READ MORE

Cyst Came Back After Cortisone Shot, Will Another Shot Make It Worse?

I have an indent in my right cheek from a cortisone shot in a previous cyst, four months later now the cyst came back in the same spot of the indent.... READ MORE

What are these small hard crystal like things that pop out of my forehead, cheek and nose? (photo)

I'm in my early 20's & have acne bouts every month. sometimes they go on their own, sometimes I press it & a string of yellow green comes out... READ MORE

Is it a cancer, ingrown hair or cyst? (photos)

Hi, I had a pain right near my inguinal lymph nodes yesterday and then today in the shower I noticed on my labia majora a lump. It's about the size of... READ MORE

I have a cyst/abscess on the rim of my anus (right side). Right butt is a little swollen. What treatment would you recommend?

June 22 it started to hurt. It burst June 28, it has been draining puss on its own for five days. Concern it won't leak inside my anus. But I want... READ MORE

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