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Suggestions for Cracked Dry Heels?

My heels are very very cracked and dryto the point it is hard to walk sometimes. would this product help remove the dry, cracked, peeling skin. READ MORE

Do I have Angular cheilitis? (photos)

I have cracks at the corner of my mouth and one side has bled. It's been going on for about a week. It looks like Angular cheilitis but I want to be sure. READ MORE

Dry skin with wounds. What's the best treatment? I'm a 20 year old student (Photo)

Hi , having really dry skin on just my right hand , some times it's crack and gets really painful and now there's a few wounds that keep getting... READ MORE

Why are tiny cracks in skin appearing on penis and how can I remove? (photo)

As per photo I have tiny cracks appearing in the skin of the penis usually where it is sometimes stretched during sex or masturbation. I have not had... READ MORE

What is this around my pores? (photos)

What are these lines lines/cracks around my pores? Is this scarring? It makes my makeup go on so uneven! READ MORE

My Skin, All Over, Gets Extremely Dry... So Dry It Looks Cracked, and Has a Very Odd Looking "Dry Shine" Any Ideas? (photo)

I do drink alot of water... My father has psoriasis, not sure if that has anything to do with it... Live in Florida, get battered by the Sun all the... READ MORE

Why do I have a cracked bumpy eyelid? (photos)

My eyelid is is cracky , dry & also bumpy. What can i do about this? I never had this problem just one time where i purchased a liquid eyeliner & my... READ MORE

My lips have been dry & cracked for 2 yrs now. It's very bad. I lick them a lot & can't stop to think that I feel ashamed(photo)

When I talk a lot, which I have to be of work, I get a white coat lining at the corners of my lips and my skin start to peel everyday of every moment.... READ MORE

I have dark spots around my lips that keep cracking. What's the fastest way I get rid of these for good? (photos)

I've had it for almost two years and I've seen a dermatologist once and she prescribed me Elidel and then Acetonide cream but it just doesn't seem to... READ MORE

What could be causing dry, cracked knuckles? (Photos)

I have dry and scaly skin on all of my knuckles (on both hands), and it is cracking and bleeding. I also have circular, red patches that initially... READ MORE

What might be the diagnosis for a scaly itchy patch of skin on my hand?

I work in healthcare and wear nitrile gloves, but have no other spots anywhere else. The spot itches really bad and will crack open like chapped lips.... READ MORE

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