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Possible Cyst on scrotum? Cost to remove? (Photo)

One year ago, I removed what I thought to be an ingrown hair from the center of this growth. The lighter circular area on the bottom-right corner of... READ MORE

I Have Small Holes On My Face, What Are My Treatment Options? What Is The Cost? (photo)

I Have Small Holes On My Face, What Are My Treatment Options? What Is The Cost? READ MORE

I have sebaceous hyperplasia on my face. Is a treatment with acid a good option?

My dermatologist is going to treat them with an acid at a cost of $500.00. Do you think this is a good option? Thank You. Deborah READ MORE

I'm 27 and I Have Some Broken Capillaries on the Shaft of my Penis. What Do I Do?

I'm 27 year old male and when I was a teenager I noticed some broken capillaries on the shaft of my penis and all these years later they are still... READ MORE

Upper lip burned due to waxing, how would these marks be categorized and what would be the cost of the treatment? (photo)

I went to a salon for upper lip wax and they burned it. I don't how exactly to describe these marks. Can you please help and tell me the approximate... READ MORE

Treatment and Cost to Remove Freckles on Face?

Tell Me Where I Can Get Treatment for my Freckles and What Cost Will It Take? all freckles are just on my face. they are increasing day by day some... READ MORE

How do I treat dermal hyperpigmentation in brown skin?

I have brown skin and my dermatologist confirmed I have dermal hyperpigmentation. I used a whole tube of triluma. Treatments are costly what are some... READ MORE

Had this on my scalp since i was about 10, tried freeze off but it comes back. What is it? (Photo)

What is this can i get it removed and not have it come back and how much would that cost its about 1 cm and stick up off my scalp. READ MORE

I'm wondering how much it would cost to have a cyst removed?

It is located on the top of my head and is roughly the size of a dime (diameter). READ MORE

My Dermatologist is Asking for $6000 for Milila Removal and Says It Takes 1 Year?

Is this right? Seems really expensive and lengthy for something that seems surgically removable READ MORE

How much does it cost for a small cyst removal? (photos)

I think I have a small cyst on my scrotum I've had it for years now doesn't bug me or hurts but idk I kinda want to get it removed. Just looks wierd... READ MORE

Cost of Fibroma Removal? (photo)

How much would it cost to remove a small (smaller than a dime) dermatofibroma on the leg? I assume it's cosmetic and not covered by our lovely... READ MORE

I Have Hidradenitis Suprativa, What Can Be Done and How Much with It Cost? (photo)

Is it possible to have sweat glands removed or infected with botox? if so how much would it cost? I have a mild case of HS which is a chronic skin... READ MORE

Milia? Inflamed and hurts. How much would it cost to remove? (Photo)

Hi so I've had this hard white spot between my chin and mouth since January, which I think is a milium. It is hard and well I tried popping it but it... READ MORE

What can be done to have recurring sebaceous cyst permanently removed? (photos)

I had a small sebaceous cyst (smaller than a dime) surgically removed from the back of my neck about 2 years ago, by a dermatologist at Vanderbilt. It... READ MORE

Can a teenager have the Paget's disease in the Nipple?

Hello, I am 15 years old. Well I would like to know if teens could get the Paget's disease in the Nipples. A long time ago a dermatologist gave me a... READ MORE

How much would it cost for a sebaceous cyst removal w/insurance?

I have a sebaceous cyst that is about the size of a dime located on the front left side of my scrotum. I'll have to get it removed before I can... READ MORE

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