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Is There a Way to Darken Skin in Someone Who Got Skin Blanching After a Cortisone Injection?

An African American lady got white skin blanching after a cortisone injection. Is there anyway to darken the skin? READ MORE

Are Tissue Fat Loss After Cortisone Injections Permanent or Will It Resolve Fill Itself in Eventualy

I had a small cyst between my breast more so to side of left breast. My MD injected some cortisone 2 weeks ago it seemed to make it slightly smaller... READ MORE

Will this scar from acne cortisone resolve itself? (photo)

About a month ago I had a pimple that a dermatologist injected with cortisone.  A week later, this depression popped up on my forehead.  I... READ MORE

Cortizone Shots and Alopecia Areata?

Hi i was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata. I was going to a doctor (not a dermatologist) that gave me some cortisone shots into the patches. Some hair... READ MORE

I got a cortisone injection on the apple of my left cheek for a huge cystic pimple. Any suggestions? (photos)

The pimple went away but left a deep divit about the size of an eraser. I think the scar is changing slightly very slowly over time and becoming a bit... READ MORE

Will skin discoloration return to normal after cortisone injection on keloid and scrape marks after an accident? (photo)

So the first picture shows the scrape marks after a bike accident I had. The skin has returned but is white as opposed to my natural southeast asian... READ MORE

Can You Get Cortisone Shots to Heal Cold Sores Faster?

This year, I've started getting severe cold sores frequently. I'm uninsured & can't afford generic Valtrex; Acyclovir only helps a little. Even... READ MORE

Cyst Came Back After Cortisone Shot, Will Another Shot Make It Worse?

I have an indent in my right cheek from a cortisone shot in a previous cyst, four months later now the cyst came back in the same spot of the indent.... READ MORE

What is this rash that starts as a single large itchy bump then spreads? (photo)

We have seen three doctors already and no one knows. My son gets these rashes all over him and they start as a single large bump. After a day or... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Skin Depressions from Corticosone Injections to Heal?

I got a cortisone shot 6 days ago, and I can alrady see a depression around the area where the cyst/nodule was. It was a very recent cyst; I spotted... READ MORE

Received Cortisone Injection on 12/28/12, Got Hypopigmentation and Atrophy?

I received a cortisone injection on December 28, 2012 in mid January to February I noticed I got a hypopigmentation and an atropy. April and May I... READ MORE

I have a huge indented hole in my face that has become worse, was cortisone injected correctly? (photo)

Hi I have discoid lupus and a dermatologist injected cortisone into my face. It's now been almost a year and the injected site is worse than ever! Was... READ MORE

I Am Considering to Get Treated with Cortisone Injections for AA?

Hi! I was diagnosed with Alopeica Areata. I am considering to get treated with cortisone injections but i was warned about the side effects that might... READ MORE

Will this cortisone induced atrophy refill on its own with time? (photos)

I received a kenalog injection 2 weeks ago for a cyst on my right cheek (first time ever). Although it did reduce the inflammation significantly, the... READ MORE

Had 2nd opinion on dent and hypo pigmentation from cortisone injection? (photos)

I went to a dermatologist to ask if the dent that has occurred 6 weeks after being injected for a small cyst would ever go. He said categorically no.... READ MORE

I believe I have an allergy to Vicryl Sutures. Need some help? (photo)

July surgery for hammer toe and joint injuries. Initial severe redness and pain. Post-op appt. my Podiatrist said I had an allergy to Vicryl Sutures.... READ MORE

Scar tissue, hyperpigmentation and small cyst that persists under skin for over 1 year. What can be done to resove this? (photo)

This cyst will not come to a head nor resolve itself at all. It will become flat then refill and get larger and red. My derm will not inject it,... READ MORE

Cortisone Creams for Dermatitis?

When trying to knock out very stubborn dermatitis/eczema on upperlip, eyelids, and neck, would you prefer Cloderm or Synalar? Does swimming in the... READ MORE

I have a very deep and large bump on my check. How do I get rid of it?

Has been present for almost three years. Have seen a dermatologist and stated was a cystic zit. Have had two cortisone shots in it. They help at first... READ MORE

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