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Does High Impact Exercise, Like Jogging, Harm Collagen and Age You?

I have read that some cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists and even sports professionals state that the motion created during high impact exercise harms... READ MORE

Bad Sun Damage on Face. How to Regenerate Lost Collagen?

I spent a week in a sun and made the mistake of neglecting the sunscreen and hat. My facial skin looks really bad now; it feels rough and I can also... READ MORE

Does Virgin Coconut Oil Penetrate the Skin Deep Enough to Stimulate Collagen when Applied Topically?

I have read that virgin coconut oil is found to promote wound healing when applied topcally to skin. At the same time, collagen is stimulated, which... READ MORE

Can Puraz Collagen Tablets Cause Liver Damage?

Can Puraz Collagen Tablets Cause Liver Damage READ MORE

I Am Looking for Some Info and Feedback Regarding the New Ergoline Red Light Beauty Lounge Booths or Anti Aging?

"beauty angel" as it is marketed. Do these machines really produce collagen and are they worth spending your money on? My local tanning salon is... READ MORE

Ammonium Lactate 12% Cream - Is There Any Lactic Acid in This?

Can I Expect Any Exfoliation or Collagen Building over the Long term, any improvement in sun damage or will it do no more than moisturize? READ MORE

Is Collagen Limited in Its Capacity for Renewal by Injuring with Needeling? Is There an End for Renew?

If one would be injured every day in his life repeatedly would it stop somewhere and collagen couldnt be renewed any more. I am just wandering are we... READ MORE

Are these smile lines/crepey skin due to loss of collagen or hair follicles/pores? (photos)

I am 25 and started noticing this after a 25 pound weight loss two years ago. I can't tell if they are lines or large pores that stretch when I smile.... READ MORE

Skin Tightening at the Age of 22?

Sir i want to ask u is it possible to rebuild collagen and get tighten skin after poor diet and stress without going to any laser or surgical... READ MORE

Do they really work & how effective are they & how long do you need 2 take them, if you are light 2 med. brown-skinned? (photo)

I'm ready 2 try the Glutathione pills w/ collagen & vit C booster. I've tried creams, serums, lotions & potions both prescribed & NOT prescribed in 4%... READ MORE

What happened to my face? (Photos)

I'm a little desperate. I'm 25 years old. Since 17 I had aggressive acne and left me many scars. My question is: What are those lines on my face?... READ MORE

Low dose doxycycline and laser treatments

Hi. I know low dose doxycycline is used for anti inflammatory effects for acne and rosacea. it has effects on mmps and timps. which some say may have... READ MORE

Will wearing makeup after subcision hurt the collagen thats growing back?

I didn't need to wear makeup during the summer but my semesters started again and I need to wear it every day. During the time I wasn't wearing it I... READ MORE

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