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I Have Small Red Bumps on my Buttocks?

Right now I am in the 10th grade and I suffer from red bumps which are flat on my buttocks (not white heads). It doesn't look like acne and I tried... READ MORE

What is this new growth on my butt check? (photo)

About 5 days ago, I noticed a bump on my lower butt cheek. It was very painful to the touch or when sitting down. It looked like a large pimple at... READ MORE

I have a bump on one of my buttocks, can you tell me what this is? (Photo)

So this is like a bump on one of my buttocks, it doesn't hurt or anything. It's kinda hard when I touch it, and it kind of make me feel uncomfortable... READ MORE

I Have This Weird Rash Thing on my Butt? (photo)

Ok so its been about 2 years and i still have this rash! I have been to the doctors twice and both gave me PrepH. Ive used both tubes and it still... READ MORE

I have a pimple like bump on my butt! Any suggestions? (photos)

The pimple like bump is hard, it hurts when I sit and it itches here and there but that's about it. I have little ones but they are like normal pimples. READ MORE

I received a steroid shot in my buttocks for a case of Bronchitis & I have a very large indent where the shot was given. (photo)

The doctor gave me a steroid shot in my upper left buttocks. The nurse warned me that I may see an indent where the shot was given but it will go away... READ MORE

I Have a Round Raised, Now Red and Irritated Bump on my Butt Cheek That Will Not Go Away What Could It Be? (photo)

There are actually four little bumps they are almost like little moles forming, they are not in a cluster, there are 2 on one bum cheek near the... READ MORE

I Have a Pimple Like Growth on my Pubic Region or Closer to my Butt Cheek, What is It? (photo)

I've had this growth for a couple days now and it hurts when i touch it or when I walk and I have no idea what it is any help .. My doctorys office... READ MORE

For the last several days I've had a sore on my inner butt cheek. I am concerned it is an STD. Do you think it is? (photo)

This sore has been there for the last 4 days probably. I thought it might've been a zit or a blister from some new leggings. After a day or two I... READ MORE

Bump on Butt/thigh? (photo)

I have had this bump pop up and go away - once on my thigh & now on my butt! The bump isn't hard, it doesn't bleed or release anything & it... READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of Spot Scars on my Bum? (photo)

I get spots on my bum alot, not sure if these are spots due to friction or bacteria, but now I have many scars that don't want to go away, I've been... READ MORE

What are these white patches on my buttcheek skin? What are they & how do i cure it? Is it dangerous? (photos)

These patches don't hurt at all, i think only sometimes itch a tiny bit. But thats pretty much it. I don't have any other symptoms. I get the feeling... READ MORE

What is this skin condition/spot on my leg/ "kinda pimple"?

I have a kinda pimple(kinda big to be a pimple) on my leg . I tried to pop it but all that out is blood. and it wont stop so I have to put a lil... READ MORE

Can You Tell What This Is? (photo)

Unsure if this is skin cancer or mersa or something else. Started out as a red bump. READ MORE

Are These Flea Bites? (photo)

I have had these bumps the past 2 weeks on my left inner thigh, bottom, and got one on my stomach today. They itch and become bigger when I itch them.... READ MORE

Have these red bumps around the area between my penis and ass? (photo)

Doesn't itch unless I scratch them. And not painful at all. Was just a few before. Feels like more now, unless it's just me getting confused. Have a... READ MORE

Nothing Will Clear my Folliculitis?

I have had chronic folliculitis for 8 years. It is on my buttocks, upper thighs, and groin area. I have been on many different medications for it over... READ MORE

I want to know what this is and how do I treat it? (photo)

It itches and I've tried hydrocortisone but it still is there. READ MORE

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