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How can I treat burning of my face from using Exfoliant Solution and Cream?

Some part of my face got burned because of the exfoliant solution..on the first two weeks of using it,it is very good.but when i went swimming,it... READ MORE

Itching / Burning Sensation Around Vagina and Anus?

Menopause for last 13 years. severe Itching outside vagina and anus; sometimes burning sensation and soreness around anus. It started as a mild itch 9... READ MORE

Do you I have genital warts? (photo)

So I'm 17. But I'm scared because i let this one person give me head and give me a handjob, and I didn't really think them to be sexually active (only... READ MORE

Skin Burns After Sweating or Crying?

In the past two years my skin has become increasingly sensitive to products, even sensitive ones. However, it is now even sensitive to sweat and tears... READ MORE

Does Rosehip Oil interact with Adapalene (Epiduo Adapalene + Benzoyl Peroxide)?

I apply Zineryt (erythromycin and zinc acetate) on my face every morning then during the night time Epiduo after I clean my face. But whenever I apply... READ MORE

Why Do I Have Periodic Burning Sensation in Penis Region?

Healthy, in my early forties, free of any kind of STD and yet have this peculiar problem! Once every two months or so, I feel burning sensation and... READ MORE

Mild red, itchy, rough-ish cheeks, can someone tell me whats up? (photos)

Recently my skin had been itchy and theres a burning sensation to the touch. At first i thought it was just me breaking out,so i washed my face with... READ MORE

What is good for scrotum eczema? The intense burning and itching causes me discomfort 75% of the day. (photos)

First I had two cuts on my scrotum that were kinda deep they have almost healed up. But now my scrotum has a ruff and crusty rash over it on some... READ MORE

My hands have been swollen for over 2 months. I mixed cement with bare hands. What can I do to make swelling stop? (Photo)

There is a lump developing under the palm and it burns when I grab or push something. In them mornings my hands are so swollen that they tingle or get... READ MORE

​ ​I got a mild sunburn, huge pores, flaky, blotchy, burning feeling on my facial skin. What treatment would I need to do?

I really messed up my skin. I ran out of my normal face wash and in a pinch used my wifes 10% benzoyl peroxide wash. On top of that I used her... READ MORE

Is this seborrheic dermatitis? (Photo)

I feel like I've had this before but on my hair line and just the corner of my nose but it was never like this. It also went away but now it came back... READ MORE

Possible hemorrhoidal sore? (Photo)

Please help. Poss hemorrhoids. Just had a flare up where it hurt, swollen,red and irritated. I wiped w/med witch hzl wipes and didn't have cotton... READ MORE

What are these white rings on the bottom of my feet and palms of my hands? (photo)

I started a new job a few weeks ago. This started as just having itchy palms and soles of feet. The more I scratched, the white rings started to... READ MORE

I used nair on my upper lip and now it is red and burning. How long will this take to heal?

This is the second day of the burn and the pain has stopped but it's still red. I've been using aloe Vera to relieve the pain. READ MORE

Are these burning bumps throughout my body scabies, bed bugs, or just allergies? (photos)

A night after I applied acrylics, I woke up with burning, bumps throughout my inner thigh, forearm, and buttocks. Initially, I though it was an... READ MORE

I'm worried this spot in my armpit might be melanoma. Does it look like melanoma? (photo)

I noticed this almost two weeks ago when I raised my arm to shave. It was painful in the area and every time I moved my arm for about a week there was... READ MORE

What is this pimple is on my penis? Can anyone help me? (photo)

So I noticed a few weeks ago this pimple on my Penis and up until yesterday I didn't notice any effect it had on me. This morning when I got up I... READ MORE

What is this? Pharmacists said ringworm? (photo)

Please tell me what this is? pharmacist said ringworm. it's not spreading, it's burning and itchy I've tried everything over the counter I could think... READ MORE

I have been going to a tanning bed places for about 4 months. Is this ringworm? (photo)

I have been going to a tanning bed places for about 4 months. I started to get a ichy/ burning area. I figured it was just me shaving then the... READ MORE

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