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How Do I Get Rid of a Selsun Blue-caused Chemical Burn on my Face? The Skin is Red, and Obviously Burnt.

I used the product for a tinea versicolor spot, as prescribed by my doctor. However, I forgot to wash it off last night and woke up with a burn this... READ MORE

What Do You Rec for a Possible Face Burn from Products?

I've been using olay night regenerist elixer on my face now for a bout 3 wks. it's supposed to be like a SUPER light chemical peel. i... READ MORE

Upper lip burned due to waxing, how would these marks be categorized and what would be the cost of the treatment? (photo)

I went to a salon for upper lip wax and they burned it. I don't how exactly to describe these marks. Can you please help and tell me the approximate... READ MORE

What to Do After Burn and Peel on Facial Skin?(photo)

I recently heard that putting toothpaste on yor face could dry up pimples well i did that and it casued me to get a huge burn on the side of my nose!... READ MORE

Epiduo Gel Problems? (photo)

I'm having a couple of side effects from Epudio Gel, which my doctor prescribed to treat my acne. I started it last week, and at first it seemed to... READ MORE

Depilatory Cream and Tretinoin

I've been using tretinoin 0.25% for 7 months. When I want to get rid of facial hair I stop applyin the tretinoin for a week, then aply depilatory... READ MORE

I applied iodine antiseptic spray too close & for too long on a popped spot. Is the hypopigmentation burn permanent? (photo)

The burn happened three days ago. i applied iodine antiseptic spray too close and for too long on a popped spot, giving what i think is to be a... READ MORE

How can I treat this burn from apple cider vinegar on my face? (photo)

I read that acv is very effective for removing moles and dark spots. I decided to apply it with a qtip, undiluted, for an hour on my age spots. I... READ MORE

Are these Benzoyl peroxide burn marks temporary and how long will it take to go away? (photos)

I used a benzoyl peroxide wash that contained 5% and it was burning my face when i applied it for some reason even though i've been using it for... READ MORE

I Got Burned All over my Face from Benzoyl Peroxide. My Face Was Red and Dry for 6-7 Weeks Already. is This Permanent?

I've been to a dermatologist who prescribed desonide for me. it didnt really work. the thing that works the most is vaseline, but it gets rid mostly... READ MORE

Pedicure Callus Remover Burn on Foot? (photo)

I went for a pedicure about 6 months ago and the gel callus remover was left on too long and the girl that was doing it didn't wipe it off before... READ MORE

How do I treat under-eye skin that was burnt with face products?

12 days ago I foolishly applied a harsh face wash rigorously over my face & the under-eye area. Within 24 hrs my face turned red, whereas the skin... READ MORE

What do I do to resolve my peeled of skin burn? (photos)

Ive been using benzoyl peroxide soap on my face because of my acne and now and ive felt my skin burning and my skin peeling off and now I have a sort... READ MORE

Is This Burn on my Arm Infected? (photo)

I burned my arm on an oven 6 days ago and now it looks like this. Do you think it's infected? READ MORE

I have blisters on my legs they look like burn blister but I wasn't burnt, what could it be? (Photos)

I have a couple blisters and some red dots only on my legs and top of feet READ MORE

I Got an Acid Burn from Wart Remover on Penis, from Using Dr Scholls Pad. The Skin Lost Pigment. Is There a Thing That Can Help?

Now I have a circular white mark that will not go away on penis shaft. I was thinking of purchasing a sun lamp to stimulate the melanocytes. Is that a... READ MORE

How to heal a burn in your butt crack.

Okay I lit a bottle rocket firework out of my butt a couple days ago and I have two burns on each cheek but they really aren't bothering me. what... READ MORE

Burnt Nose With A Cream And Peeled It, How Can I Fix This?

About 2 month ago i burnt my nose with some cream and about a week ago i peel it and now it looks nasthy what can i do need help please... READ MORE

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