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I have a bump on one of my buttocks, can you tell me what this is? (Photo)

So this is like a bump on one of my buttocks, it doesn't hurt or anything. It's kinda hard when I touch it, and it kind of make me feel uncomfortable... READ MORE

I have a pimple like bump on my butt! Any suggestions? (photos)

The pimple like bump is hard, it hurts when I sit and it itches here and there but that's about it. I have little ones but they are like normal pimples. READ MORE

What is this white bump on my eyelid? (photo)

Have had small bump for months. Today it started to grow and become red around the edges. READ MORE

Can You Identify What This Is? (photo)

This is a very painful bump on my inner thigh, a few days ago it was not this size and was not painful at all. I have had STD swab testing but not... READ MORE

Small Lump Near Bikini Line for a Few Weeks? (photo)

I've had this small lump near my bikini line for a few weeks now and it's started to become painful and has grown in size. it has some redness around... READ MORE

Bump on Sac? (photo)

I have a bump on my sac and have been wondering what it is. When I popped it blood and pus came out. Help?? READ MORE

Bump Next to Vaginal Orifice?

I have a tiny bump right next to the opening of my vagina. I noticed it when I was 19 years old, I am now 21 and it is still there, it still looks the... READ MORE

I Have a Round Raised, Now Red and Irritated Bump on my Butt Cheek That Will Not Go Away What Could It Be? (photo)

There are actually four little bumps they are almost like little moles forming, they are not in a cluster, there are 2 on one bum cheek near the... READ MORE

Bump on Butt/thigh? (photo)

I have had this bump pop up and go away - once on my thigh & now on my butt! The bump isn't hard, it doesn't bleed or release anything & it... READ MORE

Woke Up With Discomfort On My Anus? (photo)

I woke up this morning and had discomfort on my anus. I feel like a cyst or something and took a odd angled photo and don't know what to do or think.... READ MORE

Genital Wart or Mole? (photo)

Hello, I had vaginal sex 10 months back. I recently noticed a bump like on my scrotum. I can't remember if it had been there before. Could you please... READ MORE

What is This Bump on my Inner Left Thigh? (photo)

I am a hairy man photos can be disturbing !! I recently got this bump on my left inner thigh . It is not on my private area . It is like a hand down... READ MORE

What is this painful bump beneath my pubic hair? (photos)

So i gave a picture taken from intewrnet and edited so you see where is this so i have a bump size of a pea and i can grab it from both sides with my... READ MORE

Have these red bumps around the area between my penis and ass? (photo)

Doesn't itch unless I scratch them. And not painful at all. Was just a few before. Feels like more now, unless it's just me getting confused. Have a... READ MORE

I have a single bump on pubic area. Could it be a Genital wart or something else? (photos)

I have a bump on the pubic area between the belly button and penis shaft. I have been with only my wife in the past 12 years but she had an affair 18... READ MORE

What Could This Bump on my Eyelid Be? (photo)

Its been a month and i did cut my bangs shorter since i used to have longer bangs and it was irritating it and kept rubbing it. What should I do? is... READ MORE

I Got a Serious Problem with my Nose. Looks Like a Pimple, but it's been there for Three Years? (photo)

Help me please.There is something on my nose like a pickle but it isnt one....Its been there for 3 years..and no one knows what it is..Im asking you... READ MORE

I have a small painful bump on my bikini line? (Photo)

The bump on my bikini line is small, and very painful. Hurts to touch and when clothes rubs against it. Very raised against my skin. Not sure what it... READ MORE

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