Bruising + Dermatology

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What's Up with This Bruise? (photo)

There's a bruise with a white spot in the middle. The white spot is numb to touch. The bruise does not hurt. READ MORE

Do you have any idea what this mark/rash/bruse is on my inner thigh close to my scrotum? (Photo)

The colour of the mark is red on the outskirts and yellowish on the inside! The red areas around are raised and it only hurts when I sweat down there. READ MORE

Hit Cheek Piercing

I’ve had my cheeks pierced for about 6 months now, last month I got hit on my left cheek, swelled bad and developed a hard lump surrounding the... READ MORE

What is this big purple, reddish bruise-like splotch above my vagina? (photos)

I've inserted pictures so you could see. I have researched extensively online for an answer andhhaven't found anything similar. I am 19 years old and... READ MORE

I've had this for years, what is it on my boobs and vagina?? (photos)

Spots and bruise like bits on boobs and vagina. Some are red like boils or abcess and very sore too. Its ruining my sex life ive a lovely partner but... READ MORE

What is This Lump On My Left Eyelid? (photo)

I'm not sure how I got it but I woke up in the morning and it was bruised and throughout the month it was changing colors after 3 months it's my... READ MORE

I have pimple like bumps with white discharge when squeezed resulting in deep bruises. How can I get rid of it? (photo)

Hi, I have pimple like bumps on my breasts and has white discharge when I squeeze it a little. This has left me with deep bruises with two big ones... READ MORE

Is my bruise infected? Is this normal looking? (Photo)

Hi! Fell on stair and hit my shin really hard. Didnt bleed at first. Went to hospital and doc used a needle to go under blackened part n it started... READ MORE

My knee is getting worse? (photo)

On friday I was walking to work and tripped falling right onto my knee. When I got to work my whole leg was sore and I thought I was bleeding but nope... READ MORE

What is causing these marks on my skin? (photos)

I've been getting these purple spots for a few months on my arms, breasts, and abdomen. They are very small and look like bruises but do not hurt and... READ MORE

I Had a Very Black Bruise, then Sunbathed . Its Still There (Greyish Now) After Two Months. Did the Sun Stop It Healing?

I Had a Very Black Bruise, then Sunbathed. Its Still There (Greyish Now) After Two Months. Did the Sun Stop It Healing? READ MORE

What are these red marks?

Whenever my daughter comes back from her dad's house she has red marks on her cheeks. They are never there any other time and sometimes remain of her... READ MORE

How to make this bruise heal quickly? (photos)

I had a black head deep under my skin on my nose and I knew I shouldn't have picked at it but I did. I squeezed for hours and couldn't get it out so I... READ MORE

These unsightly marks began after starting Tecfidera tx for my RRMS in Oct 2011. How to stop the bruising??? (photos)

Please tell me what causes these ugly bruise- looking patches. I have asked over 20 drs, nurses, pac's. Nobody has a clue. My MS Neurologists,... READ MORE

Blue bruising on upper cheek after Sid elf nose punch biopsy

A blue mark on my upper cheek, near the punch bisy has not faded in over two weeks. Is this normal? READ MORE

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