Broken Capillaries + Dermatology

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Brown Spots and Broken Capillaries - How to Get Rid of Them?

I am a 53 year old Asian female. I was using .05% Atralin, a pea-size amount once a week for 3 ½ months to remove some light brown spots on my... READ MORE

I'm 27 and I Have Some Broken Capillaries on the Shaft of my Penis. What Do I Do?

I'm 27 year old male and when I was a teenager I noticed some broken capillaries on the shaft of my penis and all these years later they are still... READ MORE

Broken Capillaries & Red on Brown Neck and Face Spots?

I have a few small, (1/2 inch) very stubborn broken capitularies in my face that have been treated by many different kinds of lasers, from Doctors... READ MORE

Rosacea, Lupus, Sun Damage, or Poor Circulation or Broken Capillaries? (photo)

I have reddish cheeks and nose. It's looks like that butterfly rash that's associated with lupus. Maybe its rosacea? I have never been diagnosed by a... READ MORE

How can I get rid of facial broken capillaries?

I have what you call a horrible case of broken capillaries. I have try to get medical help but they have not worked. I actually got burned around the... READ MORE

What to do to get rid of face redness? (photos)

My face/cheeks have been red for as long as I can remember. I just hate it. I'd like to figure something out to get I'd of the redness. I've went to a... READ MORE

Best treatment for nose redness and background redness from dilated blood vessels?

1 year ago I suffered from acne - including a few deep large spots on my nose. I was advised to apply sandalwood and turmeric over night. My nose... READ MORE

I have texture scarring, redness and broken capillaries after having a Facial. What should I do to fix my skin?

I have scaring from a lady who shaved my face roughly and to aggressively it caused razor burn a couple months ago and left an uneven texture to my... READ MORE

I have red mark/broken capillaries after squeezing what I thought was a pimple underneath my eyes? What could it be?

OK, so years ago i squeezed what I thought was a pimple underneath my eye, but nothing came out and it left a red mark, with a small bump under the... READ MORE

How can I get this bump to go down or which doctor would I see to have this removed? (photos)

This bump started off very tiny and I squeezed it. White stringy pus came out. My dermatologist told me it was a broken capillary and not to squeeze... READ MORE

Trentinoin Worse for Redness if I Have Broken Capillaries and Rosacea?

I have some broken capillaries and roseacea. For some years I have used a weak strength of Trentinoin cream nightly. I see the benefits in terms of... READ MORE

What are these red marks all over my body and why am I getting them? (photos)

For the last two years I have had dark red spots that aren't raised or itchy appear all over my body- mainly arms and chest. They look like broken... READ MORE

I would like to improve the look of my under eye area. Is this milia? (photo)

I would like to improve the look of my under eye area. I have what I believe to be broken capillaries under my eyes. I have recently noticed all these... READ MORE

What can be done for the redness around my nose and the broken capillaries? (photos)

There is a lot of redness and broken capillaries on my nose and cheek area.. Also discoloration.. I am only 20 and it really bothers me.. What can be... READ MORE

Rosacea or Broken Capillaries?

I might have rosacea my doctor is unsure.. My face gets red when I exercise mainly my nose and cheeks and little red bumps in forehead but it subsides... READ MORE

What is this condition and how to treat it? (Photos)

I have redness and blotchiness on my skin and I don't know what specialist to see. I had laser treatments for broken capillaries (IPL, V Beam, Excel... READ MORE

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