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What Kind of Rash Do You Think This Is? (photo)

Hello I would like to know what kind of rash do I have. I have had it for almost a year now. The rash is on by right bust. Its reddish and is dry and... READ MORE

I Have All These Little Bumpy Dots on my Arms, Belly, Breast Area and Around the Eyes? (photo)

Hi, I've had those little bumpy dots on my body where the skin is soft, like inner arms, belly, breast area. I also have some under my eyes and over... READ MORE

I've had this for years, what is it on my boobs and vagina?? (photos)

Spots and bruise like bits on boobs and vagina. Some are red like boils or abcess and very sore too. Its ruining my sex life ive a lovely partner but... READ MORE

Ugliest Breasts in the World Please Help Me?

Ive had this ugly skin on my breasts since my teens with dark spots where the hair follicles are & can squeeze out a stiff white substance w/ a... READ MORE

I have pimple like bumps with white discharge when squeezed resulting in deep bruises. How can I get rid of it? (photo)

Hi, I have pimple like bumps on my breasts and has white discharge when I squeeze it a little. This has left me with deep bruises with two big ones... READ MORE

I Have This Mark and Dont Know What it is Can You Help? (photo)

I been having this mark on the side of my left breast for a few days and dont know what it is now its bleeding and hole like. READ MORE

What's the best treatment for wide pores in my breasts? (Photo)

Hello doctor, I have wide pore in my breast I don't know if it's pore or what.i hate my breast.please help me READ MORE

Did I ruin my skin using Curaderm to treat AK? Is there a treatment to restore the pigment? (photos)

You can see in my breast photos that my skin looks bleached where I used Curaderm (an eggplant product) to treat pre cancerous skin lesions. I didn't... READ MORE

Any dermatology/plastic surgery procedure recommended for large pores on the skin around the areola?

I have breasts sizeB36, with mid-sized areolas that are very bumpy (5-6 Montgomery glands on each). Even worse, there are bumps/large pores around the... READ MORE

What is causing these marks on my skin? (photos)

I've been getting these purple spots for a few months on my arms, breasts, and abdomen. They are very small and look like bruises but do not hurt and... READ MORE

Should I apply aloe vera gel and dermatix gel on my breast? (photos)

I had a scab on my breast and now that it has fallen off there is discolouration. See photos attached. READ MORE

I have a very small mark on my breast, what it is?

I noticed a mark on my left breast, on the side of it near my armpit, it's an orangey/pinkish colour, it feels slightly raises like something's under... READ MORE

Rash on Top Of Breast After Sleeping on Public Couch at Hospital? (photo)

I Just left the hospital visiting my grandmother because of her own health concern and in result because she was critical for two nights I had to... READ MORE

Is there any hope to find keratosis pilaris treatment ???

I have KP ( back, arms, tight,stomach, now starting on my breast)since early 20's now Iam 40 and it keeps getting worst. Please help!! READ MORE

Need help identify rash on my breast? (photos)

I am 21 have had a rash red in appearance for about 4days now it does not hurt or itch. Only located on left breast READ MORE

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