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How Do I Remove a Black Spot from my Bottom Lip?

I am a smoker and currentley working on stopping. About 10 months ago i got a burn on my lip and the spot turned black attached is a photo so you can... READ MORE

I Have a Mucocele in Lower Lip and Was Told to Go to a Dermatologist but I Don't Have Insurance What Should I Do?

I've been have the mucocele on the outer lower lip. It looks kinda translucent with some bluish. Been there for about 6 months now. Im a 20 year old... READ MORE

Can broken blood vessels/ capillaries be cured or diminished with a vitamin c serum?

I believe I have one on my cheek and one on my bottom lip. They are bothersome and unsightly to me. Rather than paying high dollar for laser... READ MORE

Dermalive Granuloma Has Developed on my Lower Right Lip, What is the Best Way to Treat These Formations?

I am a 43 year old woman who had Dermalive 0.8 ml injected on July 9th, 2004 to the vermillion border of my upper and lower lip.I developed a... READ MORE

Why is my Bottom Lip Bumpy? (photo)

I was told it was hemangioma, but it doesn't look like the pictures I have seen of hemangioma. I have had it since I was adopted at 1.5 years. My... READ MORE

The inside of my bottom lip is peeling and sore. Is this serious or just common irritation?

I have previously used smokeless tobacco, around 5 times. The last time i used it was 2 days ago. Today, the area inside of my bottom lip (where i put... READ MORE

I've had a hole in my lower lip since birth and it won't heal. What do you suggest for treatment? (photo)

Hi, I have a hole in my lower lip since birth and it does not heal I think my body is trying to heal it I can see new skin on the top of the hole but... READ MORE

What can treat the dark line that has spread underneath my bottom lip? (photo)

I tried sugar and water also aloe but nothing works and it has spread READ MORE

I have this bump on my lip. How can I get rid of it? (Photo)

I've had this bump on my lip ever since I remember I know I wasn't born with it. I asked my mom and she told me that it was from when I was really... READ MORE

What are the red bumps on my lower lip? (Photo)

Yesterday my lower lip felt a little swollen like I bit it in my sleep today a have a couple of irritated red bumps that feel swollen. READ MORE

Are there any procedures that evens out color for your bottom lip?

Is there any procedure that can change the skin tone of your bottom lip to make the pink portion darker like its surrounding skin tone? My bottom lip... READ MORE

What could these bumps developing on my face be? Is it skin cancer? Should I worry? (photo)

I have a bump on my lower lip chin that I thought to be a pimple. However it has been there for two months now and will just not go away no matter... READ MORE

How to remove or reduce Fat lump under Bottom lip? (photos)

Hello, I am 23 years and 8 months old. Few days ago i noticed fat lump under my bottom lip. I think i don't have them before. Is there any way to... READ MORE

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