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Is this a blood blister on my face? (Photo)

I am not sure what exactly this is but I have had it for about a year now. I have tried picking it (I couldn't help it) but i think that just made it... READ MORE

I have dark patches on my knuckles and fingers. It has started peeling. What is on my hands and what should I do? (photos)

It's on both my hands and it's been there for about a week. Today the dark patches started to bubble as if it were a blister. I rubbed it and the skin... READ MORE

Small Skin Colored Blister Like Marks on Face

I have small skin coloured blister like marks on my face due to sun damage i believe them to be enlarged sweat glands? what is it? how do i treat it? READ MORE

Can you tell me what is this small cluster of blisters inside my lips? (photo)

Few days ago small blisters appear on both sides of my lip,I dont feel any itching or pain,and today they also appeard on my penis skin.thanks READ MORE

What can this be? Seen Dr. and ER but they want a dermatologist but can't get into one. (photos)

Had since June, some start with clear filled blistered the. Some don't. Sometimes itches but not all the time. Ive had bactrim and prescription creams... READ MORE

What are the blisters appearing in my groin area? (photos)

I had oral and protected sex with a casual acquaintance in March 2010. After 3 months, 4-5 blisters appeared in groin area and lower shaft of... READ MORE

Blood Filled Bump on the Head of the Penis (NOT STD)?

I have had this on my penis for as long as I remember. It is on the head, painless, I can press on it and it will just fill up again with blood. It is... READ MORE

What are the bumps/blisters on my penis?

I have these bumps/blisters on my penis. Wondering if it is genital herpes. Thanks in advance. READ MORE

I have this pimple, sore or blister (not sure) on breast. Painful and itchy at times. What is it? (photo)

I have this thing locate just below my breast, near the crease. It's small, about the size of a pea and red. One day it just popped and ever since... READ MORE

After Amputation is There a Ointment to Harden the Skin on Stump

My husband has had a below knee amputation ,he has a false leg ,is there a ointment to harden the skin of the stump as he has blisters after wearing... READ MORE

Small Blisters Below my Daughter's Nose? (photo)

My daughter has had these blisters below her nose (ie on her upper lips) for the past 2 weeks which won't seem to disappear. Cortisone cream does not... READ MORE

Blisters & Dry Skin on Heel of Foot? (photo)

Hi, I seem to be getting a lot of blisters on the heel of my foot where there is a lot of calloused dry skin? I've tried special socks that are... READ MORE

I have blisters on my legs they look like burn blister but I wasn't burnt, what could it be? (Photos)

I have a couple blisters and some red dots only on my legs and top of feet READ MORE

Why Do I Have Periodic Burning Sensation in Penis Region?

Healthy, in my early forties, free of any kind of STD and yet have this peculiar problem! Once every two months or so, I feel burning sensation and... READ MORE

How to Treat Face Swelling/blister from Mastisol Put Around Mouth to Secure Surgical Tape

To keep oxygen tube in place during surgery, Mastisol applied around mouth to secure tape holding tube. Right after surgery, redness at sight led to... READ MORE

What Caused the Blisters?

Hi all. I'm 30 y/o. I had a sleeve resection circumcision (3 wks ago). Lrge blisters had formed by 8hrs post-op on newly exposed inner prepuce, both... READ MORE

White irritated lumps on my lips, what are they? (photo)

I have had a throat infection all week . The second day having the throat infection I woke up with swollen lips and white lumps on my lips that are... READ MORE

How can I treat the dark spots on the side corners of my lip? (photos)

Hello doctor, I have a serious concern about having a dark spot at the corner of my mouth. It have existed for some time period, around 2 months. I... READ MORE

Can corns, blisters, and calluses be removed using cosmetic surgery? What can be done about dark nails pigmentation?

I'm an African American I have a corn, blister, and calluses on my toes and dark discoloration pigmentation on my toenails from sports. I also have... READ MORE

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