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How to Treat Dark Patches After a Face Bleach Reaction?

Hello AFter i applied face bleach in a salon on wednesday face got inflamed and now i have black patches on the face. they look like dried burnt... READ MORE

Bleaching Cream Isn't Working, What else Can I Do?

My skin has darkened and gone blotchier and idk why but using SPF 46, 4% obagi bleach cream, retina a 0.025% and lactic acid peels for the past 2... READ MORE

Is There a Way to Darken Skin in Someone Who Got Skin Blanching After a Cortisone Injection?

An African American lady got white skin blanching after a cortisone injection. Is there anyway to darken the skin? READ MORE

What happened and what to do with my mustache shadow?

I don't have no hair up above my lip but, I have a shadow. I put Clorox bleach above my lips multiple times on Saturday. Today is Sunday, around the... READ MORE

How Can I Drastically Lighten my Skin? (photo)

I started using bleaching creams and avoiding sunlight since I was 12. Now I am almost 18 years old and I also take l-gluthathoine + vitamin c pills... READ MORE

I have dark spots on my groin area. Can it be a chemical burn from bleaching cream or do I have fungus on the skin?

I have dark spots on my groin area what can i use i dont want to visit a doctor...I was using a bleaching cream on my genital area ,i didnt have... READ MORE

Accidentally Bleached Nipples by Trying to Treat PIH Following a Breast Lift?

The PIH area of concern was around my nipples. I was advised to use glycolic acid by a dermatologist. The product recommended was not available so I... READ MORE

Brown Patches Caused By What? (photo)

Hello sir am swathi,23f,please see the my photos which i have getting the brown patches under the lip and tan area..y am getting this... READ MORE

Does Bleach Help Lighten Brown-tinted Under Eye Circles?

I have had under eye circles since birth! The region is brownish with veins showing. I use industrial-strength makeup but it isn't always effective,... READ MORE

Did I ruin my skin using Curaderm to treat AK? Is there a treatment to restore the pigment? (photos)

You can see in my breast photos that my skin looks bleached where I used Curaderm (an eggplant product) to treat pre cancerous skin lesions. I didn't... READ MORE

How can I get rid of the mustache shadow at home?

From time, time to time you can see it then you can't. But, need to not see at alone fast! Like what's a remedies or can I use clorox bleach to... READ MORE

How to resolve this? I put bleach above my lip on my mustache shadow. (photos)

I put bleach above my lip on my mustache shadow. And rubbed the bleach away with peroxide more than three times. Then below my nose started to feel... READ MORE

How to treat white decoloured skin due to bleach?

I  used oxy bleach now my face has got white decoloured patches at many places on my face .. is the reason behind is only bleach or some other... READ MORE

I Bleached my Face Yesterday! I Hate That Golden Hairs?

But i ended up with golden hairs in my upper lips forehead i dont like that how to get back my black hairs! how long it will take for the recovery? READ MORE

What are options for skin lighting or bleaching?

I've tried photos therapy didn't work color came a little bit and left READ MORE

I have dark patch around my nasal bridge (between the eyes). What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

I have this for years now and I'm only 18 and yes I have tried bleaching cream but it doesn't work READ MORE

What caused the black patch on my chin? (Photo)

I went to mexico a couple years ago and when I came back I noticed a black patch on my chin i wanted to take it off but didn't know how a friend of... READ MORE

Did applying sunscreen to one part of my arm permanently alter the pigment in my skin, bleach it, or damage it? (photos)

I have two moles on my upper arm. I was outside about a month ago and I put some zinc based sunscreen on that area just to protect those moles while I... READ MORE

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