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My derm diagnosed a spot on my leg as a dermatafibroma quickly without a biopsy. Is clinical observation pretty accurate without biopsy? Also-I have a... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for this wart on my finger? (photos)

Treatmentill this wart want go away!!… using Imiquimod and Tazorac… and Nothing is working… Ive had a biopsy but all clear… READ MORE

Should I ask for a skin biopsy? (photos)

I have a rough spot on my back that has grown over last 12 months (7mm), which my husband photographed today so I could see. He also said there was a... READ MORE

2mm Punch Skin Biopsy Results Came Back Atypical , Is it Normal to do Further Testing?

I just had a 2mm punch skin biopsy and the results came back atypical. Today he had me come back do to a shave biopsy for further testing is this normal? READ MORE

Dermatologist Froze Red Itchy Spot. Is It Too Late to Biopsy?

I had a red, inflammed itchy raised spot on my collarbone. It appeared all of a sudden and was there for a month. It itched so bad. My dermatologist... READ MORE

On my nose, (in the area between my eyes), I have what looks like a small, blind pimple.

The "pimple" is colourless, raised into a point. I cannot get a good photo of it. It has been there for 8 months + and has not grown any larger. It is... READ MORE

What are the Aftercare instructions for a shave biopsy on face for dark brown spot?

Today, I had a shave biopsy on a dark brown spot (not raised) on my cheek. I never received aftercare instructions. Can anyone help? READ MORE

Dry skin patch started to spread suddenly in my leg. What would be the right treatment for that?

Hi, 25 years old Male. I had a dry skin patch in my leg for few year, but suddenly before 3 months it started to increase in size. So I consulted a... READ MORE

Should I have a nose biopsy? (photos)

I'm a 31 year old female. I've had reddish marks on my nose for nearly 2 years. I've seen 6 doctors, with varying opinions. None of them are very... READ MORE

I Saw a Derm Yesterday and Had a Biopsy Done What Causes This? (photo)

I've never had any trauma, injection or diabetic history. This lesion has grown from a quarter size to about 4inches READ MORE

I have a patch on my leg with no pigment. I'm getting it punch biopsied today. It's bigger than a sunspot. Any ideas? (photo)

The patch is on my lower right leg. 2.5 cm long with no pigment. Flat not raised. Isn't itchy. It started off looking like a sunspot but has got... READ MORE

Is the punch biopsy performed on my face three months ago healing properly? (Photo)

I had a 2mm punch biopsy performed on my face 3 months ago, which ended up being an ingrown hair. The biopsy site is still very red / purplish in... READ MORE

Bad sun damage on legs, how do I improve it? (Photo)

How to get rid of or improve the sun damage. I have had it for several years, having surgery to remove some lumps. I have also had a biopsy on some of... READ MORE

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