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Round Reddish Spots on my Back After Finding Tick?

I have pinkish reddish round spots about the size of a dime on my middle/lower back that I noticed last night. It just worries me cuz just a week ago... READ MORE

Do you have any recommendations for products or suggestions on how to get this cleaned up? (photos)

Those are spots on my stomach, I also get it all around my back, mostly upper area. I believe this is a case of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation... READ MORE

My daughter has about 25 bumps on her neck, under arms, and back. Any idea what these are? (photos)

My daughter has about 25 of these bumps on neck, under arms and back - some above hair line on neck. The bumps are fairly hard and don't have watery... READ MORE

Pigmentation on Back? (photo)

4years ago i noticed a brown mark on my back tat was not present before im 25yr old female medically fit ive used several acne treatments for my back... READ MORE

Keloid Scars Appearing After Rash

I am in my mid-thirties now and have had keloid scars on my upper back since i was about twenty.The scarring starts off with a rash first... READ MORE

Need to Worry About Tumor Like Growths on Skin?

Please help me know these growth I have in my back, I have them for 6-7 years. I am 35 years old, male and Asian. I have two kinds of growth in my... READ MORE

What is the cause of these discolored spots that are appearing on my body? (photo)

What are these Tan colored spots? I first noticed I had a few spots on the back of my neck about two years ago. Since then they have spread from my... READ MORE

What is this red spots on my back? (photos)

Red spots on my back sometimes light in color and sometimes gets red and not all but few areas itch but the itch is not extreme. What could it be? READ MORE

Dark spots on upper back. What could this be? (photo)

Some time now ( about 2 months) the skin on my upper back has developed dark spots. They are persistent and they aren't getting away. They would seem... READ MORE

Red Bumps on Skin?

I have had red bumps on my legs arms back and buttox my whole life, what are they and how can i get them removed? READ MORE

I have always had liver splashes but it's getting worse, especially on my arm, what can I use?

I'm African American I'm 22 and I got this from my dad it's all over my neck and my back I'm starting to think its cancerous. READ MORE

I have discoloration of the skin on my back and stomach. Can you tell me the cause and a possible remedy? (Photo)

It rarely itches and doesn't feel rough or dry; I am not sure if it is Tinea Versicolor or something else. It has been there for months and is showing... READ MORE

Do I have hidradenitis suppurativa? (photo)

Pictures included (WARNING: GRAPHIC)Hello. I have been developing abscess since I was 14. I got them on my back, armpit, buttocks, and my neck. I had... READ MORE

Treatment for Red Lesions on Back?

Dear Doctors, I am a 25 year old hispanic male, 176lbs. and 5'11. I have always had a problem with these red lesions on my back. They are not... READ MORE

How to cure and remove dark spots from neck, back and shoulder areas?

Hello This is sagrika. I'm of 19. I have some spots and allergies at my back from neck to back. The spots are continuosly increasing day by day. I... READ MORE

I have small flat white dots located on upper back, shoulders and chest. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

I'm a 15 year old female and had this problem for around a year. These are very small flat white dots located mainly on the back of my shoulders. They... READ MORE

What are these dark spots/patches on my collarbone and back? (photos)

I've been having these for about 2/3 years now. And the ones on my back, near my spinal cord are about a 1 and half old. READ MORE

Red lines on back, doesn't look like stretch marks. Any suggestions? (photos)

I googled and the only things I found were stretch marks and bartonella. I only noticed these marks a few months ago and they have stayed since then.... READ MORE

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