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I Am an Asian. I Used Lemon Juice on Skin for Two Days and I Ended Up Having Darker Circular Pigmentation?

2 or 3 spots on face. Darker than my normal skin tone.What can be done about it as I didnt have it prior to using lemon. READ MORE

Not sure what skin problem I have? (photo)

For 4-5 years,I have had brown/dark purplish spots growing on my lower body gradually.To be specific,right under my belly button.It does not itch nor... READ MORE

The Fat on my Face Seems to Have Prematurely Dissappeared! What Can I Do?

26, male, Chinese ethnically, from Hawaii (high humidity!) I've gotten comments on how I look older than I am since I was 22. Then I went to South... READ MORE

Loose, Dark Armpit Skin

Hi, i am 26 years old (Asian). Ive been waxing my full body since i was 13. for the past few years, my arm-pits look increasingly disgusting. the skin... READ MORE

Need to Worry About Tumor Like Growths on Skin?

Please help me know these growth I have in my back, I have them for 6-7 years. I am 35 years old, male and Asian. I have two kinds of growth in my... READ MORE

Freckle or Lentigo? (photo)

I have pigmentation on the left side of my face since 1 year old. I have only a few on the right side of the face. the pigmentation does not seem to... READ MORE

How important is it for racial/ethnic minorities to see a dermatologist experienced with that racial/ethnic skin type?

I'm of Chinese and Taiwanese descent. Here in Semi-Podunk Alabama, there aren't many East Asian people, so the dermatologists probably don't have much... READ MORE

What Can I Do About Hyperpigmentation on Thighs and Groin Area?

I'm Asian with medium brown skin, and I have very dark patches of skin in between my thighs and groin. It extends down to my mid thigh and back of... READ MORE

Dark Lips - How Can I Make my Lips Pink or Red?

My lips are very dark .i do not smoke and i drink tea and coffee. i need to make my lips pink or red. i'm 24 years male from Srilanka. please give me... READ MORE

Will skin discoloration return to normal after cortisone injection on keloid and scrape marks after an accident? (photo)

So the first picture shows the scrape marks after a bike accident I had. The skin has returned but is white as opposed to my natural southeast asian... READ MORE

I am asian and have had these bumps on my forehead for a long time. How can I remove them?

I have had these for ages, i dont know what to take, laser?vi peel? fractional laser?chemical? bumps visible only when under the sun. and i tried... READ MORE

I Have a Medium Skin Tone( Caucasian and Asian Heritage). I Have Some Red Spots on my Face, Should I be Concerned?

I have a medium skin tone( Indian/caucasian mistaken for hispanic,and italian very often). There are some red spots on my face from acne. I purchased... READ MORE

Hi I Have Keratotis Pilares On My Legs. What Do You Recommend?

On legs, I have had this did a awhile and have used many creams including dermadoctor. I am of asian descent and am worried about pigmentation but... READ MORE

How to quickly get rid of dark spots?

Hi, I'm Asian and I've had acne since 7th grade...right now I'm going to 9th. And on my face Ive been using the proactive plus 3 step system which... READ MORE

Can I have small Seb Ks on eyelid and below eyes removed safely?

I'm a 39 year old Asian female with fair skin. A couple of years ago a dermatologist said that the small bumps located under my eye area and on my... READ MORE

Im 30 Yrs Old Asian Ethnic and Have Large Pores on my Nose What Laser Treatment Would Be Best?

I Heard botox would help with this issue so I gave it a tried. The botox ended up making my pores larger and my skin oilier. Im thinking in getting... READ MORE

what are these under eye spots and how can I get rid off them. What is the cause.Thanks you so much. (photo)

Hi,i want to ask some question.what happen my undereyes large spot.Now,I m 19 years old.That spots cause when i was young around 10 years old... READ MORE

My underarms are red after the peeling. How can I get rid of this?

Hi, I'm an asian girl, before, I used to have a bit dark underarm then I use a peeling oil bought here in our country, after it peels off my skin now... READ MORE

I'm concerned about my skin. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am 19 years old and I have bad Asian skin. From the picture you can see I have acne. I also have these very small white bumps on my face, what are... READ MORE

I have some skin discoloration under my lips and side of the lips. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

My race is Asian from Bangladesh. Is therr anyway i can fix this skin discolor. When i grew hairs, from thise discolored place, hairs never grow,... READ MORE

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