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Best Treatment for Hidradenitis Supperativa

Since we are overseas my medical treatment all goes through a small family practice clinic on base. I have been dealing with HS off and on for three... READ MORE

Is antibiotic ointment affective and will this cyst drain once it starts to look like a white head? (Photo)

My son is two he has a chalazion for about four months and he tried antibiotic ointment for 5 days and stopped. Now his cyst is bigger redder and... READ MORE

I've had scalp folliculitis for years. Accutane for 6 months failed. What else can I try?

I already tried 5 different antibiotics. All failed. I've had the condition for 10 years. READ MORE

I had what appeared to be a zit on my finger. After unsuccessfully popping it, it started to look worse and started swelling up.

It started to become extremely painful a day or two later. I went to the dermatologist and he gave me antibiotics and Vicodin. I'm 5 doses in and it... READ MORE

Acne, rosacea or yeast? (photos)

I was on 2 different broad spectrum antibiotics for many months due to revision rhino infection and yeast infection in nose. may still have a low... READ MORE

I have dark spots on my groin area. Can it be a chemical burn from bleaching cream or do I have fungus on the skin?

I have dark spots on my groin area what can i use i dont want to visit a doctor...I was using a bleaching cream on my genital area ,i didnt have... READ MORE

Perioral dermatitis made worse by doxycycline what could cause this? Will stopping antibiotics worsen the situation?

Dermatologist prescribed 50 mg doxycycline/day for what he called a mild case of perioral dermatitis. I have been taking these antibiotics for 2 weeks... READ MORE

I have an infected finger. Should I see a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon? (photo)

I have an infected finger since 13 Jan. I have been prescribed Flucloxacillin and Phenoxymethyl Penicillin but these have not helped. The finger was... READ MORE

Perioral Dermatitis not going away?

I've been taking 150mg of doxy for 2 months now and although there has been an improvement in the rash it's still noticeable. Any other biotics that... READ MORE

How do I get rid of these bumps? (photos)

I used to have acne and took antibiotics plus aczone cream and tazarac to correct the problem. I rarely break out with white heads anymore, but I keep... READ MORE

Severe perioral dermatitis all over my face ! I need help! No medications work! Any suggestions?

I have eating antibiotics every day for the last 5 years for this condition.This summer,I had a break from the medication and it flared up worse than... READ MORE

Do I need to see a doctor for a popped sebaceous cyst while I'm already on anti-bacterial medication?

I had gotten anti-bacterial medication from a doctor last week while it was still intact. We had opted to wait on cutting it open because it would... READ MORE

Will my holes and marks repair on my face, two holes are quite deep?

Hello, im an 17 year old male from the uk, i have tried many medications from my gp which are the creams topical retinoids and ive just done 4 months... READ MORE

I have a large pore on my face. I have caused a callused spot over the pore and can't seem to get rid of it. Suggestion? (photo)

How can I get rid of the callus above my lip? It has gotten smaller by using antiboilfic ointment but still has a small oval callus spot. READ MORE

Please help, do I have folliculitis or keratosis pilaris? (photo)

I have been suffering constantly for 3yrs. I have not changed my diet or life style. I wax monthly and exfoliate daily. I have made numerous trips to... READ MORE

Guaranteed treatments to improve oily skin?

I have tried everything from topical retinoids to antibiotics, birth control, antiandrogens and even accutane. Accutane made the biggest improvement... READ MORE

Back skin problems won't go away, what are my treatment options? (Photo)

My back constantly has spots/bumps on it. Some of them look like tiny pin pricks, some of them are just flesh coloured bumps that come and go (when... READ MORE

What are the red dots are on my leg? (picture)

Hi can any doctor please tell what the red dosts is on my leg? I had this problem befor i think one year ago, but then it was purple and i went to... READ MORE

I developed eczema while on BP. It flares with harsh topicals (retin a anyone). What is open to me if I see a derm?

I've been on almost every topical that derms have to offer. I've done chemicals peels, antibiotics and birth control. I break out in large and small... READ MORE

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