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Bleaching Cream Isn't Working, What else Can I Do?

My skin has darkened and gone blotchier and idk why but using SPF 46, 4% obagi bleach cream, retina a 0.025% and lactic acid peels for the past 2... READ MORE

How to Remove Black Spots from Allergic Reaction?

I have black raised (some) spots on my hands and arms, and black spots on my legs from an allergic reaction to Nickle. Therefore I am always covering... READ MORE

Is there another option to remove a sebaceous cyst from my face other than cutting it out?

I have a sebaceous cyst above my upper lip ( in the space between my nose and my lip). It got infected last year and was drained at a hospital. I was... READ MORE

Can Oily Skin Be Treated Without Accutane?

Oily skin has caused my 10 years with acne (now 24yrs old) Can oily skin be effectively treated without Accutane? Over active sebaceous glands cause... READ MORE

Does Anyone Offer or Know a Doctor Who Offers Intralesional Electrodesiccation for Syringomas in the California Area?

I heard that this is one of the best treatments for syringoma. But I can not find a doctor who offers it in california. Does anyone here offer it or... READ MORE

Depilatory Cream and Tretinoin

I've been using tretinoin 0.25% for 7 months. When I want to get rid of facial hair I stop applyin the tretinoin for a week, then aply depilatory... READ MORE

I'm 21 and the area under my eyes is sunken & lacks volume. Are there any alternative to tear trough fillers that could help me?

The area under my eyes is sunken and lacks volume even though I'm 21. I've wanted to have a filler like Restylane done then when I know what the... READ MORE

I have 2 seboorrheic keratose on my scalp, one 13mm diam and the other about 13x20mm, what treatments are available for them?

They are about 3cm apart and one has been increasing in size. A surgeon has said he will make one incision to cut them out and do a skin graft to the... READ MORE

PIH Around Eyes (photo)

Hi ... I am suffering from a POST eczema PIH , tretinoin , hydroquinone nothing seems to work for me , can anybody here help me out ? READ MORE

How can I efficiently remove angular cheilitis? (Photo)

I've seen a dermatologist about this issue and her remedies to this solution do not work. She prescribed me with Desonide and told me to apply it... READ MORE

Glomela cream for hands for pigmentation, is it good? Any other alternatives Kojivit plus gel for face, is it good? Suggestions?

I have extreme pigmentation on my hands and some discoloration near my mouth and forehead.I heard glomella cream can be applied on hands for... READ MORE

What are the alternatives to Laser Skin Resurfacing for darker skin types?

I'm a female in my mid-20s. My skin is terrible - I have acne scarring, uneven skin tone, fine lines, large pores, and just general poor skin texture... READ MORE

Can Lasers or Other Treatments Replace Need for Retinoids?

I've thoroughly researched retinoids and prefer not to try them. My derm won't let me use retinoic acid due to history of eczema and dermatitis. OTC... READ MORE

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