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Allergic Reaction Caused Under Eye Bags That Won't Go Away

I had an allergic reaction to a face cream about 2 months ago. The reaction caused severe under eye swelling. The swelling went down, but now I am... READ MORE

Does Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (Toothpaste) Cause Skin Allergic Reactions?

I had patch test recently and it shows allergy reaction on my toothpaste. I also notice that the degree of severity relates to ingredient 'sodium... READ MORE

What Should I Do to Calm Down my Skin After a Possible Allergic Reaction to a Serum?

I tried a small sample of Murad age spot and pigment lightening gel.The next day, two areas on my chin became reddish/dark brown itchy and irritable.i... READ MORE

Does Kenalog Get Rid of Swelling from Allergic Reaction?

I had juvederm two months ago i hated it and my philtrim (skin above upperlp) looked long and strange must be the way she injectedd as i looked like... READ MORE

What is a Good Eye Cream for Milia Prone Skin?

Every eye cream or serum I've tried leaves milia around my lower eyelid area. Smaller amounts still cause milia. The milia usually goes away after... READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of Dark Spots from an Allergic Reaction? (photo)

I've had these spots on my body for like 6 years now and I have them all over. My legs, arms, shoulders and chest. It happened from a medication I... READ MORE

Allergic reaction rash on my lips. How to get rid of it fast? (photo)

It's making me feel depressed and embarrassed.  READ MORE

Recommnedations for the Best Medical Dermatologists in Michigan?

I have seen 2 dermatologists in my area (north of Detroit) and am not happy with the treatment results. Who do you recommend for treating and... READ MORE

What's the best treatment for the rash on my face? I have a blood allergy (Photo)

Hello doctor .. my question is my face skin is becoming red with some black spots on it n its looking like rashes n i have consulted to dermatologist... READ MORE

Is a pimple like rash on the forehead an allergic reaction? (photos)

2 days ago a small breakout developed on the left side of my forehead. A few hrs later it worsened into a cluster of bumps. I did a course of accutane... READ MORE

What Should I Apply After Having Allergic Reactions to Erythromycin Cream?

I had a warts removal and they applied erythromycin cream after. The following day, I woke up with itchy feeling and reddish bumps on tha part... READ MORE

Are these pimples, herpes or a skin lesion? (Photo)

What are these red bumps on my head? I thought they were pimples but I'm not sure. Hot coolant hit my face about a week ago so I asked it was either... READ MORE

I have had dark black circles on my face and body for 3 years due to allergic reactions. How can I get rid of it? (photo)

Over the past 3 to 4 years I have had these dark black circle spots appear on most of my body looking like scars.They started as a reddish black itchy... READ MORE

Do I have an allergic reaction? (photos)

Hello, I woke up a few mins ago with red bumps all over my stomach, buttocks, and thighs. I think it's an allergic reaction, but I am not sure; it... READ MORE

Red, itchy bumps on hands and arms? (Photo)

I saw a doctor and he said it was either bug bites, bed bugs, or an allergic reaction. My boyfriend shares the bed with me and he has none of these... READ MORE

What is this reddish mark on my nose? (photos)

I'm a 31 yr old female who has a couple of reddish/brownish marks on my nose for about 16 months. These marks appeared after some big pimples healed.... READ MORE

I have a bulge formed on my thigh. Is this a bug bite? (photos)

Hello I'm at camp and I think something bit me on my thigh a giagantic bulge just formed. Last year at camp something like this happened but it looked... READ MORE

Is this just allergic contact dermatitis? (Photo)

These appeared on the parts of my body covered by a polyester/merino wool mix thermal pants and shirt that I wore out in the cold for about 12 hours... READ MORE

How You Can Determinade if Your Baby Have Eczema? (photo)

When we were in costa rica and stayed there for almost 4 months my son who was 11 months in that time got like an allergy on his skin then he got red... READ MORE

What is wrong with my skin? I'm allergic to the beach! I'm 19 and I'm a very light skinned African.

I have very sensitive skin. When I go to the beach, whether I get in the water or I immerse myself in the sand, I get a terrible rash. First my skin... READ MORE

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