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Is There a Way to Darken Skin in Someone Who Got Skin Blanching After a Cortisone Injection?

An African American lady got white skin blanching after a cortisone injection. Is there anyway to darken the skin? READ MORE

The Outside Corners of my Mouth Are Dark and the Outer Corners of my Eyes Are Dark

I used Triluma cream to fade the spots,I stopped using the cream 3.5wks into Tx d/t irritation, the darkness returned worse than before I used the... READ MORE

What Are the Side Effects of Removing DPN?

Im form easten africa and in the past 3 to 4 months the number of Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra on my face has more than doubled and the sizes are... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Dark Spots on Dark Skin?

I have a lot of dark spots on my leg from an allergic reaction,what is the best treatment? I am a black woman with tan complexion READ MORE

Hi. I Am a 27 Year Old African American Women. For a Very Long Time I Have Had Dark Spots on Different Parts of my Body.

Thoes parts being my legs, my arms,my thigh and a little on my face. I have tryed coco butter, bleaching creams, the goo inside the Alvero plants, but... READ MORE

I Have DPN, if These Are Removed Will Keloids Exist Also Will Skin Area Become Lighter?

Does removel of dpn on african americans cause keloids and will that area appear lightened READ MORE

I'm 22 yr old female with facial puffiness, enlarged pores, and hyper pigmentation. Can I fix this? (photos)

About 2 year ago I tried to person a chemical peel on myself. I messed up my skin. I had really bad hyperpigmrntation. It's still dark but now I have... READ MORE

Can I Do anything about this?

Hello, I'm a 24 yrs African woman and I have dry patchy dark skin on the inner part of my thighs and labia. The skin everywhere else on my body is... READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of the Dark, Scaly Skin Between my Breasts?

I am an African-American woman, and for years I've lived with a large, dark, scaly, dry patch of skin between my breasts. It's noticeable when I where... READ MORE

I am an African American female and I have ingrown hair scars on my happy trail and inner thighs. What can I do to remove them?

How can I get rid of it permanently? It is safe to do a chemical peel on those areas? I have tried exfoliating those areas but I don't see results.... READ MORE

My hands/feet are much lighter than my body. Why are they yellow while the rest of me is brown? How can I fix this? (photos)

30 year old Black woman. Not sure if I have some sort of deficiency or what. Please help!!!!!! READ MORE

Uneven Face/body Skin Tone and Stretch Marks? (photo)

Hi, I'm African American and have uneven skin tone on both my face (acne scars/dark spots) and my body, as well as stretch marks on my bottom and the... READ MORE

I have always had liver splashes but it's getting worse, especially on my arm, what can I use?

I'm African American I'm 22 and I got this from my dad it's all over my neck and my back I'm starting to think its cancerous. READ MORE

Road Rash What's the Best Treatment to Get my Color Back?

I am an African American with road rash on my hand. Now my hand has pink spots all over it. READ MORE

I have dark toes from playing outside barefoot when I was younger, what cream should I use to help lighten my toes?

I'm a medium brown African American female. (Not light or dark, but in between the two.) I have dark toes from playing outside barefoot when I was... READ MORE

I Need Help, I Am 35 with Spots on my Face. I Am Tired of Wearing Foundation Because I Have To?

I am African American, I have dark spots on my face that I would like to remove. I have tried everything but I cannot get rid of them. I was wondering... READ MORE

Can corns, blisters, and calluses be removed using cosmetic surgery? What can be done about dark nails pigmentation?

I'm an African American I have a corn, blister, and calluses on my toes and dark discoloration pigmentation on my toenails from sports. I also have... READ MORE

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