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Do I have acne or folliculitis? I've been in and out of dermatology offices but haven't found anything for my bumps. (photo)

I used to have nearly perfect skin. When I was 23 1/2 I developed bad acne and bumps. The past year and a half, I've tried clindomycin, epiduo,... READ MORE

Do I Have Rosacea or Something Else? (photo)

I've always dealt with acne, enlarged pores, ingrown hair, any anything else conceivable to skin care. I've been using a glycolic cleanser to help... READ MORE

Epiduo Gel Problems? (photo)

I'm having a couple of side effects from Epudio Gel, which my doctor prescribed to treat my acne. I started it last week, and at first it seemed to... READ MORE

Is This Acne? Allergic Dermatitis? Eczema? Or Worse......?

My facial breakouts have become more frequent & severe.Been to 3 dermatologists with 3 different DXs:1)acne(2)eczema(3)dermatitis. Im so... READ MORE

How can I treat a cyst on my face? (photo)

Actually it is pimple which changed into cyst becuase i squeeze the pimple now as result it changed into cyst.i take lots of medicine from Homeopathic... READ MORE

I'm 20 years old, and since high school I've had really bad acne& hair problems on my face? (photo)

I get excess hair growth and ingrown hairs mostly on my cheeks and neck. I also have a slight mustache and hair on my chin. What can I do to get rid... READ MORE

My acne isn't as bad but my pores as are very deep. What can I do about this !? (photo)

I want my pores to shrink and be less noticeable. What can I do to improve this without effecting my freckles !? READ MORE

Why Does Acne Appear After Using Nair? (photo)

I used a nair lotion for the first time on the entire body and had no side effects. the second time, i tried the shower max version and developed acne... READ MORE

Bumps All over Forehead. Picked At Scabs. What Can I Do?

A couple of years ago I got a full fringe.This lead me to get severe breakouts on my forehead and I ended up picking my spot which turned into scabs... READ MORE

Does Protein Called BSN Syntha 6 Cause Acne?

Hello, my question is does this protein shake called BSN Syntha 6 cause acne? READ MORE

Saw Palmetto for Male Oily Skin?

I am 21 year old male and have very oily skin and acne. I was on accutane 2 years ago and my acne and oily skin has returned. Is it safe for a male to... READ MORE

How to stop or treat boils/ acne on buttocks? (photos)

As long as I can remember I get these ugly pus filled boils/ acne on my behind. It has gotten so bad in the last 2 months. Once one heals another... READ MORE

What Mineral Make Up Dont Cause Acne and Milia?

Hi im 15 years old after using epiduo gel for 3 months i dont have more pimples but now i have milia,i dont know what to do with my skin,actually i... READ MORE

Will PIH Return After Kojic Acid Treatment?

Hi Doctors I had applied garlic on my face for about 30 mins to treat a severe acne. Upon healing, there developed marks on my face on the area where... READ MORE

What do I do to resolve my peeled of skin burn? (photos)

Ive been using benzoyl peroxide soap on my face because of my acne and now and ive felt my skin burning and my skin peeling off and now I have a sort... READ MORE

Supraalar Crease? Can Acne Have Caused This? is There a Natural Way to Help This Problem? (photo)

My nose wasnt like this when i was kid. it started when i have moderate acne just on my nose. can squeezing cause this. i think i have supraalar... READ MORE

Am I a Possible Candidate for Spironolactone, and if So, How Can I Get It Prescribed?

If I have oily skin and acne, but no other external sign of an androgen problem (hormone imbalance) would my dermatologist still prescribe me... READ MORE

Had a Bad Experience Vitalize Peel, Would Obagi Nuderm Help with That??

Short story, had a vitalize peel on may bad products, sun exposure, they apply three layers and didn't gave me no instructions, anyway I have... READ MORE

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