Scarring + Dermabrasion

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Dermabrasion For My Back/Chest/Shoulders? (photo)

I am considering a full dermabrasion for my back and perhaps chest, shoulders. Laser Therapy, Skin Needling, Anything that will render results. I was... READ MORE

Thickened Scarred Skin After Dermabrasion on Cheeks. 1.5 Years Post Op. Not Sure What to Do?

I have thickened skin on my cheeks 1.5 years after spot dermabrasion. I feel that the doctor went too deep, because the area is hypopigmented as well.... READ MORE

Is Dermabrasion Safe to Perform on Atrophic Scarring on the Nose?

I've heard conflicting views on the subject, so I was wondering how safe it would be to have dermabrasion and Deepfx laser resurfacing done on a nose... READ MORE

How Would You Treat Post-dermabrasion Hypertrophic Scarring with Hypopigmentation in a 32 Year Old Caucasian Male? (photo)

Dermabrasion was performed in late 2011 on a cup-like concave hypotrophic cheek scar resulting from a mole removal 15 years prior. The dermatologist... READ MORE

Scar on my left cheek. Only 30-40% improvement 13 days after dermabrasion. Should I do the treatment again? (Photo)

I have atrophic cutaneous leishmaniasis scarring for maybe 10 years now or more, on my left cheek. I tried Dermabrasion in March 2015, ca 13 days ago.... READ MORE

Result after Dermabrasion. (Photo)

I went for dermabrasion last week. I am almost healed but my skin still looks bright pink. I had fairly severe skarring and nothing gave me result... READ MORE

Laser causes bad texture scarring and long term damage, why?????

Please can a doc,Derm plastic surgeon give a straight forward answer why the pinholes scars dents fat loss etc etc happen to thousands of people and... READ MORE

Fat grafting + Dermabrasion? (Photo)

Can I have fat grafting and Dermabrasion for my type of scarring at the same day?Is this possible? Will this be right treatment for me READ MORE

Dermabrasion or CO2 Laser for alarplasty scar?

Hi, I had alarplasty done around a year ago and was left with a scar on the left side of my face. I tried wound reclosure but that almost led to a... READ MORE

Bad Dermabrasion Results, Different Texture and Scarring, What Can I Do?

I had dermabrasion over a year ago for a scar on my forehead. The entire area has a different texture now and there is more scarring. At this point, I... READ MORE

Vibradermabrasion and Slight Scarring?

I was reading about vibraderm... "Vibraderm is often recommended for -mild acne scarring-, uneven pigmentation, poor skin texture, fine lines and dull... READ MORE

Scar treatments after dermabrasion?

I had dermabrasion done in September.I don't think the surgeon went deep enough cause I'm no longer red at all and it hasn't improved my scars. I want... READ MORE

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