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I'm 30 yrs old. Will Dermabrasion Help Scars on Legs?

I have scars on my legs since i was very young, i'm 30 years old now and I still use long jeans because of emberrasment. Is there anything i can do to... READ MORE

Laser for Dermabrasion Scars?

Hi, I have a question about Fraxel Restore. I received dermabrasion about two years ago on a few acne scars on my chin. Unfortunately, the scars... READ MORE

Can Dermabrasion Help with Scar Under the Eyebrow?

What can be done about the scar under my right eyebrow? It's been there since childhood. My brother hit me in the face and head with a metal toy truck... READ MORE

Are Dermabrasion Results Really Depth-dependent?

Do superfacial or very mildly depressed scars (acne-pox) respond better than deeper ones? READ MORE

Would Acell Wound Care Sheet Help After Dermabrasion for Scars?

Would Acell Wound Care Sheet Help After Dermabrasion for Scars? READ MORE

How Do I Remove a Scar Made More Visible by Dermabrasion?

Two years ago I had a squamous cell removed with MOHS. I had 8 stiches and it looked pretty good, no scar on the incision, except it was bumpy. I... READ MORE

How Much Does Dermabrasion Cost for a Small (About .5cm in Diameter) Facial Scar? (photo)

I had a small cut underneath my left eye (right where the cheekbone starts)which healed poorly since it had gotten infected. About 2 years after it... READ MORE

Dermabrasion for Purple Scar?

About a year ago I fell off my bike and scraped my whole nose and it left a big purple scrape on my nose but its not deep its just the top layer of... READ MORE

Will Dermabrasion Help with Scars After Alar Reduction?

Hi, would dermabrasion help with these scars that I have post alar reduction ? READ MORE

Should vaseline be applied after dermabrasion?

I just had dermabrasion on my scars and I let it scab for the first 24 hours and it came off when I put Vaseline on it. It scabbed over again even... READ MORE

What Can I Do for Coloration of Dermabraded Area?

Dermabrasion to treat a childhood scar on forehead about 1.5 yr ago. The scar is ~2" vertical, depressed in center and raised on periphery.... READ MORE

Is dermabrasion the right choice for an indented forehead scar? (photo)

About 4 weeks ago I underwent a scar revision surgery for a linear indented scar from a cyst excision. However, the scar revision has simply left me... READ MORE

Would dermabrasion help my type of scars? (Photo)

Hello, Can you please suggest if dermabrasion would be helpful for these scars. I know dermabrasion is not suited for my type skin color, but still if... READ MORE

How Are Scars Supposed To Look Immediately Post Dermabrasion?

My doctor assured me that it is normal that right after or even the few next days after the dermabrasion the scars look just as before or even worse... READ MORE

Bad Dermabrasion, skin ruined, how can I improve my skin? (photos)

I had dermabrasion done on my forehead to improve scars and now I'm afraid the doctor went to deep and caused hyperpigmentation and caused the skin to... READ MORE

Laser causes bad texture scarring and long term damage, why?????

Please can a doc,Derm plastic surgeon give a straight forward answer why the pinholes scars dents fat loss etc etc happen to thousands of people and... READ MORE


I am a 30 y old woman with a lot of small scars and some bigger. I have been trying to find so eine who perform dermabrasion, as I have already have... READ MORE

How effective is dermabrasion on scars caused by laser tattoo removal? (Photo)

I have some pretty significant scarring on my forearm from aggressive laser removal. Is dermabrasion an effective way to reduce it? Are there any... READ MORE

Post Dermabrasion Scar Turned Black After Injecting With Celestone Chronodose? (photo)

I recently went through dermabrasion. 6 weeks after the operation, due to internet research resulting in my massaging the scar, it seemed raised and... READ MORE

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