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Removing Vertical Lip Lines Product Advice

Twenty years ago, I had dermabrasion for vertical lip lines. One line was "erased" forever. There is now a small indentation where it used to be. I... READ MORE

Shiny After Dermabrasion and Texture is Unpleasant. What Caused This and What Can I Do?

I received a dermabrasion treatment on both cheeks. The texture of my cheeks is now very unpleasant. It looks like I had a road rash on both cheeks... READ MORE

Eczema and Dermabrasion

I have had what has been diagnosed as lichen striata on the back of my left thigh since i was 14. I am now 21 and I am totally frustrated. I used make... READ MORE

After Dermabrasion, Hypopigmentation on Both my Cheeks - Is There Anything That Can Be Done?

I had a dermabrasion done on both my cheeks in August 2006 to try and help acne scars and now i'm left with hypopigmentation. Can anything be done to... READ MORE

Red Bruise on Face Now a Black Spot: Will Dermabrasion or Microdermerbrasion Help?

About four weeks ago I had a red bruise on my face. The bruise turned into a dark spot on my face. Will dermabrasion or micro dermabrasion remove it?... READ MORE

Laser or Dermabrasion for indented scars on forehead? (Photo)

I have quite a few indented scars on my forehead, just recently I decided to have dermabrasion done to try to smooth them out. The surgeon reassured... READ MORE

Re post with pics. dermabrasion/deep laser gave no results in acne scars. Is a deep chemical peel a better option, like phenol?

Flat minor marks received no improvement either No after pics were ever given. My scars rolling/boxcar. In addition, I have broad rolling scars. I'm... READ MORE

Focus Dermabrasion in Thailand claims to cure melasma, can this work?

A study claims 97% people had permanent removal of 100% melasma both epidermis and dermis using the focus dermabrasion technique. Is this treatment... READ MORE

Dermabrasion for acne scars. Side effects? (Photo)

I have acnes cars last 1year I try 2setting of dermaroller and also lesar but I didn't get any result now I am interested to do dermabrasion but I... READ MORE

Is Dermabrasion good for acne scars?

Hi, I have acne scars on most of my face. As I get older the scars look worse. I am now 55 year old, I am considering Dermabrasion. Is Dermabrasion... READ MORE

How effective is dermabrasion on scars caused by laser tattoo removal? (Photo)

I have some pretty significant scarring on my forearm from aggressive laser removal. Is dermabrasion an effective way to reduce it? Are there any... READ MORE

Need help on acne scars and more! Can I do dermabrasion, subcision, filler or anything else? (Photo)

Hello, I am extremely unhappy with my skin, especially with the acne scars. Please let me know if I can do dermabrasion, subcision, filler or anything... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove this scar completely? (Photos)

Hi, there is scar on my cheek. Is that possible to remove this scar completely by dermabrasion or laser? Thanks. READ MORE

Dermabrasion for my scars? (Photo)

Hello, I have done several treatments: tca cross (6-8 sessions), dermarolling, fraxel/pixel laser, and chemical/herbal peels. I see little to no... READ MORE

Dermal melasma resistant to all treatments; is dermabrasion a possible treatment option?

I am fair skinned indian woman and want effective treatment for melasma. I want to try dermabrasion since it can remove some of the deep melasma too.... READ MORE

Any complications for scar treatment between the lip & nose? (Photo)

I'm attaching a recent photo of 5-year old with a scar (just under the nose) that formed 20 months ago. It's not usually this red (this picture was... READ MORE

Considering spot dermabrasion. Is dermasanding better than wire brush and/or diamond fraise? Worried about hypopigmentation.

Three isolated scars on the central cheek area. I have tried everything including numerous lasers. Docs, what are your thoughts on spot dermabrasion... READ MORE

How I can remove the scars on my forehead due to bad FUE and FUT? (Photo)

Is it possible to remove them using dermabrasion? CO2 laser?  READ MORE

What is best for skin clogged by dermaplaning? Will any pores be permanently damaged?

Hello. Last week I shaved the vellus hair off my face. I've got over active sebum glands and I realize now this was a bad idea. I've got many clogged... READ MORE

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