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What is the Best Treatment for Aged Skin Dermabrasion or Laser?

I am researching a number of resurfacing treatments and wanted to know which is the best of Dermabrasion and Laser for an aged skin type. READ MORE

Re post with pics. dermabrasion/deep laser gave no results in acne scars. Is a deep chemical peel a better option, like phenol?

Flat minor marks received no improvement either No after pics were ever given. My scars rolling/boxcar. In addition, I have broad rolling scars. I'm... READ MORE

Laser or dermabrasion for nodular chest acne? (Photo)

25 y/o Female with chest acne for almost 10 years now. Went through a round of isotretinoin which helped a little. I do not have much new acne... READ MORE

Laser or Dermabrasion for indented scars on forehead? (Photo)

I have quite a few indented scars on my forehead, just recently I decided to have dermabrasion done to try to smooth them out. The surgeon reassured... READ MORE

Laser causes bad texture scarring and long term damage, why?????

Please can a doc,Derm plastic surgeon give a straight forward answer why the pinholes scars dents fat loss etc etc happen to thousands of people and... READ MORE

Do I have to wait a full 30 days before using any type of liquid foundation makeup?

I had laser dermabrasion on my face Oct. 29. It will be 13 days tomorrow since I had my procedures. I also had a neck & lower face lift. My skin... READ MORE

How effective is dermabrasion on scars caused by laser tattoo removal? (Photo)

I have some pretty significant scarring on my forearm from aggressive laser removal. Is dermabrasion an effective way to reduce it? Are there any... READ MORE

Dermabrasion tattoo removal. (Photo)

I have a fairly large tattoo on my forearm that I am desperate to remove. I never really liked it and now since the first laser treatment it looks... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove this scar completely? (Photos)

Hi, there is scar on my cheek. Is that possible to remove this scar completely by dermabrasion or laser? Thanks. READ MORE

What gives better results in acne scars and goes more deep? Dermabrasion or full ablative CO2 Laser?

I Plan einher to have a Dermabrasion or a full ablative Laser treatment for my acne scars on my Cheeks! Which treatment is more effective? Please Help me READ MORE

Laser Resurfacing or Dermabrasion for An Indented/Deep Scar At the Upper Nostril Rim?

Is it common or safe to try either dermabrasion or a type of laser resurfacing at the upper nostril rim area to improve the appearance of an indented... READ MORE

Dermabrasion, laser or skin peel? I'm 32.

I know it's very hard to analyse my skin online but I'll describe as best I an! Open pores, dull skin, lines under eyes and quite deep on forehead and... READ MORE

Is dermabrasion effective against pigmented lesions (brown)?

I have pigmented lesions (brown) ( possibly cafe au lait marks) on my arm since birth. They cover almost half of my arm . The lesions are of varying... READ MORE

Can Dermabrasion be performed on black skin?

I have atopic dermatitis and when a mosquito bites I got dark spots and I know that they are dificult to treat that's why I'm applying depigmenting... READ MORE

Dermabrasion a possibility for lip lift scar?

I know dermabrasion can sometimes be used to lessen scars. Is this a possibility with the classic under the nose lip lift scar? I'm aware the scar can... READ MORE

New surgery scar on upper cheek- can dermabrasion be followed by Fraxel Restore 6-8 weeks later to enhance the result?

I will be having a scar revision done to my cheek after a derm misdiagnosed an infection in 2014. Obviously I would like the best cosmetic outcome. My... READ MORE

Dermabrasion left me with big dark patches on my face. A year later I have had another one with no luck. Any suggestions?

And had so many laser treatments . Gemini . It helped but still there. I am so tired of having laser treatments. What else can I do to get rid of... READ MORE

Is there a limit to resurfacing with dermabrasion and laser?

I had one dermabrasion and laser treatment 5 years ago and a laser treatment 7 months ago with minimal results vs the dermabrasion. Is it safe to have... READ MORE

After a dermabrasion and a laser treatment 4 years later, can I have another dermabrasion?

Also I completed a successful course of accutane 1 1/2 years ago. The laser was July,2015. READ MORE

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