Hypopigmentation + Dermabrasion

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Thickened Scarred Skin After Dermabrasion on Cheeks. 1.5 Years Post Op. Not Sure What to Do?

I have thickened skin on my cheeks 1.5 years after spot dermabrasion. I feel that the doctor went too deep, because the area is hypopigmented as well.... READ MORE

After Dermabrasion, Hypopigmentation on Both my Cheeks - Is There Anything That Can Be Done?

I had a dermabrasion done on both my cheeks in August 2006 to try and help acne scars and now i'm left with hypopigmentation. Can anything be done to... READ MORE

Pigmentation differences after dermabrasion on one cheek

A Year Ago I Had Dermabrasion on One Cheek. I had hypopigmentation and now one cheek is obviously lighter and it is difficult to apply make-up that... READ MORE

How Would You Treat Post-dermabrasion Hypertrophic Scarring with Hypopigmentation in a 32 Year Old Caucasian Male? (photo)

Dermabrasion was performed in late 2011 on a cup-like concave hypotrophic cheek scar resulting from a mole removal 15 years prior. The dermatologist... READ MORE

Is hypopigmentation inevitable with spot dermabrasion?

I have a mildly atrophic scar on my cheek (from a skin lesion removal by curettage). It really bothers me and I am considering a spot dermabrasion. To... READ MORE

Dermabrasion for acne scars - is that the right procedure? (photo)

I have some atrophic hypopigmented acne scars, I went to 2 different plastic surgeons and they have recomend me a dermabrasion on the afected area. I... READ MORE

I have Asian fair skin. Is it possible to have hypopigmetation on my skin after dermabrasion treatment? (Photo)

Is it happene hypopigmetation on my Indian fair skin? After drmabration treatment how long it will take to skin color match? One of my friend she done... READ MORE

What is the risk of hypopigmentation on Indian skin after dermabrasion treatment?

My Doctore suggested full face drmabration treatment on my acne scar. But m scar from risk. How much the risk of hypopigmitation on Indian skin after... READ MORE

Considering spot dermabrasion. Is dermasanding better than wire brush and/or diamond fraise? Worried about hypopigmentation.

Three isolated scars on the central cheek area. I have tried everything including numerous lasers. Docs, what are your thoughts on spot dermabrasion... READ MORE

Excimer Laser to Correct Hypopigmentation?

I have post hypopigmentation due to Dermabrasion years ago. I have been told that you must get below the scar tissue which is withholding meloncites... READ MORE

How to Get my Skin Texture Back After Deep Dermabrasion and Remove Hypopigmentation?

I had dermabrasion done 3years back for deep acne scarring on my cheeks. the doc went a little too deep and ruined the texture of my skin. i now have... READ MORE

Fraxel Laser for Hypopigmentation Due to Dermabrasion on Asian Skin?

Hi i got dermabrasion done, and it has left me with hypo pigmentation, also i have enlarged pores now. can fraxel laser help to restore pigment? i... READ MORE

Dermabrasion vs Laser Resurfacing for multiple hypopigmented scars and pigmentation removal?

I had 5 moles the size of a pencil eraser biopsied from my face via shave excision and punch excision 10 months ago. Benign. Now I am dealing with... READ MORE

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