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Dermabrasion Vs. Microdermabrasion: What's the Difference?

I have had microdermabrasion for years. but should i get dermabrasion for longer lasting results?  what's the difference between... READ MORE

Would a Peeling or Dermabrasion Treatment Work for Getting Rid of Keratosis Pilaris?

I have a bad keratosis pilaris on my legs and upper arms it looks like little red bumps and they get worse when it's cold. Sometimes hair gets... READ MORE

Can either Dermabrasion or CO2 Laser Resurfacing reduce the thickness of nasal skin?

I had a rhinoplasty over a year ago and was very happy with the results. A few months ago, I underwent IPL treatment for redness in the nose and... READ MORE

Red Bruise on Face Now a Black Spot: Will Dermabrasion or Microdermerbrasion Help?

About four weeks ago I had a red bruise on my face. The bruise turned into a dark spot on my face. Will dermabrasion or micro dermabrasion remove it?... READ MORE

Dermabrasion or Ultrapulse Max FX/ Total FX after several previous resurfacing procedures for acne scarring on a 43 old male?

I have had a fullface Phenol peel, 2 fullface Ultrapulse CO2s and a Spot dermabrasion. I have now seen two doctors to clear the remaining scars, the... READ MORE

How long should I wait to have Dermabrasion after 4 session of fraxel dual?

I have a moderate amount of scaring on my face due to acne. My last Fraxel session was on May of 2013. As of today, I still see all of my old scars.... READ MORE

Re post with pics. dermabrasion/deep laser gave no results in acne scars. Is a deep chemical peel a better option, like phenol?

Flat minor marks received no improvement either No after pics were ever given. My scars rolling/boxcar. In addition, I have broad rolling scars. I'm... READ MORE

Laser or dermabrasion for nodular chest acne? (Photo)

25 y/o Female with chest acne for almost 10 years now. Went through a round of isotretinoin which helped a little. I do not have much new acne... READ MORE

Which treatment is more succesful for Nevus Depigmentosus Melanocyte–Keratinocyte Transplantation or Excimer laser?

Which treatment is more succesful for Nevus Depigmentosus Melanocyte–Keratinocyte Transplantation or Excimer laser? READ MORE

What gives better results in acne scars and goes more deep? Dermabrasion or full ablative CO2 Laser?

I Plan einher to have a Dermabrasion or a full ablative Laser treatment for my acne scars on my Cheeks! Which treatment is more effective? Please Help me READ MORE

Dermabrasion or CO2 Laser for alarplasty scar?

Hi, I had alarplasty done around a year ago and was left with a scar on the left side of my face. I tried wound reclosure but that almost led to a... READ MORE

Is There a Difference Between "Dermasweep" & "Diamond" Microdermabrasion?

Hello. I am considering having a "microdermabrasion" procedure done and have become aware of the latest in skin microdermabrasion procedures... READ MORE

Excessive skin on lip. Should I get skin removal surgery, dermabrasion, or something else? (Photo)

There's too much skin on both of my upper and lower lip and they look too wrinkled. Not around my mouth, it is on the lip. I'd expect a procedure that... READ MORE

Can dermabrasion or microneedling be helpful to improve columella and alar scar?

Is there a non surgical approach possibly could improve my columella and alar scars? I had open rhinoplasty 2 years ago and would like to improve the... READ MORE

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