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Thickened Scarred Skin After Dermabrasion on Cheeks. 1.5 Years Post Op. Not Sure What to Do?

I have thickened skin on my cheeks 1.5 years after spot dermabrasion. I feel that the doctor went too deep, because the area is hypopigmented as well.... READ MORE

Chance of Developing Keloids After Dermabrasion

Im 32ys female asian, prone to keloid fromation on my arms and buttocks. I had dermal abrasion 2 days back for my acne scar on my cheeks, do i have... READ MORE

After Dermabrasion, Hypopigmentation on Both my Cheeks - Is There Anything That Can Be Done?

I had a dermabrasion done on both my cheeks in August 2006 to try and help acne scars and now i'm left with hypopigmentation. Can anything be done to... READ MORE

Pigmentation differences after dermabrasion on one cheek

A Year Ago I Had Dermabrasion on One Cheek. I had hypopigmentation and now one cheek is obviously lighter and it is difficult to apply make-up that... READ MORE

Is hypopigmentation inevitable with spot dermabrasion?

I have a mildly atrophic scar on my cheek (from a skin lesion removal by curettage). It really bothers me and I am considering a spot dermabrasion. To... READ MORE

Scar on my left cheek. Only 30-40% improvement 13 days after dermabrasion. Should I do the treatment again? (Photo)

I have atrophic cutaneous leishmaniasis scarring for maybe 10 years now or more, on my left cheek. I tried Dermabrasion in March 2015, ca 13 days ago.... READ MORE

Dermabrasion too deep on the right side of my face. What is a good, permanent procedure to even out my cheeks? (Photo)

I got Dermabrasion done inn 2008 .and as you can see the right side of my cheek was. dermabrated too deep !! the countour of my face is not even !... READ MORE

Should I opt for dermabrasion or any other treatment? (photo)

I am 30 years old and had taken punch grafting last year on my cheeks. Now my face looks even more ugly and uneven coz of left over grafting marks on... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove this scar completely? (Photos)

Hi, there is scar on my cheek. Is that possible to remove this scar completely by dermabrasion or laser? Thanks. READ MORE

What gives better results in acne scars and goes more deep? Dermabrasion or full ablative CO2 Laser?

I Plan einher to have a Dermabrasion or a full ablative Laser treatment for my acne scars on my Cheeks! Which treatment is more effective? Please Help me READ MORE

How deep can dermabrasion go on surgical scars?

How deep can you go with dermabrasion on a scar from a scar revision on the cheek, which is still uneven ? The scar is like uneven along the... READ MORE

Dermabrasion, laser or skin peel? I'm 32.

I know it's very hard to analyse my skin online but I'll describe as best I an! Open pores, dull skin, lines under eyes and quite deep on forehead and... READ MORE

Does my cheek look infected? How long would it take to heal with wet/dry dressings? (Photos)

I had an acne scar treatment that consisted of dermal sanding, laser, fat grading and subscison just shy of a month ago. The tissue in my cheek broke... READ MORE

I was shaving and there is now a light indentation in the form of a line on my cheek. Scar?

So I started shaving with a safety razor a few days ago, so I shaved earlier. I had no cuts, after I shaved I noticed an indentation. It's not deep at... READ MORE

New surgery scar on upper cheek- can dermabrasion be followed by Fraxel Restore 6-8 weeks later to enhance the result?

I will be having a scar revision done to my cheek after a derm misdiagnosed an infection in 2014. Obviously I would like the best cosmetic outcome. My... READ MORE

Dermabrasion, Plucking out Blackheads Left 2 Gaping Holes on my Cheek?

I got Dermabrasion done 7 days ago, the girl plucked out some black heads, on my right cheek, she left 2 big gaping holes, they are so big and deep,... READ MORE

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