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Removing Vertical Lip Lines Product Advice

Twenty years ago, I had dermabrasion for vertical lip lines. One line was "erased" forever. There is now a small indentation where it used to be. I... READ MORE

Dermabrasion Didn't Help my Ice Pick Scars

I had dermabrasion done at the beginning of this summer. My dermatologist said my scars were deep enough that the laser would not make enough of a... READ MORE

Results for Enlarged Pores After Dermabrasion

I had Dermabrasion a month ago. How long until I see the results for enlarged pores? READ MORE

How Can I Reverse Bad Dermabrasion Results?

I'm an African American and I made the mistake of having a full faced dermabrasion to help treat acne scarring. The results were devastating,... READ MORE

Laser for Dermabrasion Scars?

Hi, I have a question about Fraxel Restore. I received dermabrasion about two years ago on a few acne scars on my chin. Unfortunately, the scars... READ MORE

Can I Have Max Strength Dermabrasion?

Dear Doctors  I'm 29 and Still  Have Acne Scars Even After 2 Dermabrasion Procedures  i live far from the US but want to... READ MORE

Acell Matristem After Dermabrasion?

What do you think about using Acell Matristem, an extracellar matrix, after a dermabrasion for acne scars? READ MORE

Thickened Scarred Skin After Dermabrasion on Cheeks. 1.5 Years Post Op. Not Sure What to Do?

I have thickened skin on my cheeks 1.5 years after spot dermabrasion. I feel that the doctor went too deep, because the area is hypopigmented as well.... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have These Indentations After Dermabrasion? (photo)

I had dermabrasion done 5 months ago for a couple acne marks. Dermabrasion was done to my whole chin. While the original problem was taken care of, it... READ MORE

Would Acell Wound Care Sheet Help After Dermabrasion for Scars?

Would Acell Wound Care Sheet Help After Dermabrasion for Scars? READ MORE

Shiny After Dermabrasion and Texture is Unpleasant. What Caused This and What Can I Do?

I received a dermabrasion treatment on both cheeks. The texture of my cheeks is now very unpleasant. It looks like I had a road rash on both cheeks... READ MORE

How Do I Remove a Scar Made More Visible by Dermabrasion?

Two years ago I had a squamous cell removed with MOHS. I had 8 stiches and it looked pretty good, no scar on the incision, except it was bumpy. I... READ MORE

Chance of Developing Keloids After Dermabrasion

Im 32ys female asian, prone to keloid fromation on my arms and buttocks. I had dermal abrasion 2 days back for my acne scar on my cheeks, do i have... READ MORE

Dermabrasion 6 Months After Active FX for Acne Scars and Hyperpigmentation

I had laser active x in my face for acne scars and hyperpigmentation and did not do anything. That was 6 months ago. And now I would like to have a... READ MORE

After Dermabrasion, Hypopigmentation on Both my Cheeks - Is There Anything That Can Be Done?

I had a dermabrasion done on both my cheeks in August 2006 to try and help acne scars and now i'm left with hypopigmentation. Can anything be done to... READ MORE

Deep Wrinkling After Dermabrasion - Permanent Damage?

I had dermabrasion done in early august around my upper and lower lips. i look worse around the corners of my mouth now than before. I now have deep... READ MORE

Is It Normal for Open Comedones to Develop in an Area Recently Treated by Dermabrasion?

I had spot dermabrasion three weeks ago to remove an indented scar. After two weeks, I went in for a consultation, and I was told I could begin to... READ MORE

Excimer Laser to Correct Hypopigmentation?

I have post hypopigmentation due to Dermabrasion years ago. I have been told that you must get below the scar tissue which is withholding meloncites... READ MORE

How to Get my Skin Texture Back After Deep Dermabrasion and Remove Hypopigmentation?

I had dermabrasion done 3years back for deep acne scarring on my cheeks. the doc went a little too deep and ruined the texture of my skin. i now have... READ MORE

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