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How efficient is minoxidil with derma roller? I am 35 and I am facing extreme case of baldness and hair falling (Photo)

I ve head full of hairs three years ago. I immediately turn to doctor and start taking biotin 1000 mcg thrice a day with multi vitamins and minoxidil... READ MORE

Can ingesting collagen help rebuild the skin?

I am using the derma roller and as part of my treatment I am supplementing with collagen treatments. Is there any benefit in ingesting collagen? READ MORE

Can dermatolling worsen my melasma? (Photo)

I have used a Facial epilator and used to do almost monthly facial waxing. My skin is somewhat sensitive. I've been prescribed sigmacort and retrieve... READ MORE

Have I damaged my skin using derma roller too often?

My doctor gave me a derma roller and told me to use it every day for three months to diminish scars caused by laser treatment. After using it for a... READ MORE

Derma pen for laxity and wrinkles depth?

I paid $300 for Dermapen micro needling with some sort of serum. I went in expecting numbing cream and took a few days off to not look red. She said... READ MORE

Can derma roller improve my acne scars? (Photos)

I had cystic acne when i was in college. I took isotretinoin and now my acnes are gone. I want to improve my deep acne scars by having a derma roller... READ MORE

Can glycolic acid and derma rolling help with cellulite?

Can 10% glycolic acid lotion help with minor cellulite along with derma rolling? I do not have money for any laser treatments or anything of the sort.... READ MORE

I've a 2.5 mm dermaroller at home, is it safe to use at home?

Well I've already been treated by 2.5 mm dermaroller before under doctor's supervision, but now i dont stay in my town and cant go to a clinic for... READ MORE

How many derma rolling treatments do I need on stretch marks? I've done 5 so far. (photo)

I've done 5 sessions total one every 4 weeks and am seeing very little improvement. I'm using a roller. Am I not rolling hard enough? I know how... READ MORE

I want to know which treatment is recommended for my scars? (photos)

I used the derma roller after accutane and i didn't know that i shouldn't and it created deep scars just like the one in this picture i want to know... READ MORE

Can I do Derma Rolling or a Laser treatment one month after thread lift? (Photo)

I have had a thread lift they were blue threads and had good recovery no bruising just a bit swollen for a few days. It is a month on and one side... READ MORE

Tears in skin from Derma Roller user. Will it need treatment? (photos)

So I believe I have tears in my skin on my cheek near my eye and nose from dermaroller use. It's been a month since done but lines here look very... READ MORE

About treatment for stretch marks with derma roller; how many times a month should I do it?

How many times a month should I do it? And what do I have to put in my skin after and before rolling to ger better results?? READ MORE

After 6 derma roller treatments, treated skin is becoming black and not coming to Normal color.

My derma roller treatment is done by doctor 6 sittings and with 2mm I think. Will my skin color becomes normal after all the sittings, or it will be a... READ MORE

South Korean or German Dermaroller,Stainless Steel or Titanium Needles, Which is Better ?

The following questions will surely help people that want to know more about the dermaroller procedure. So please contribute. 1. It is touted that the... READ MORE

Is it okay to use extra virgin coconut oil as a after treatment cream for derma rolling? (photo)

I have been using coconut oil as a face cream for some time now, made my skin look and feel much better. My dermaroller(0,25mm) is ready for the... READ MORE

I have accidentally enlarged my pores. Could a derma roller help? (Photos)

Dear, My skin is very dry and pale, when I was smiling in front of a mirror once I noticed I had many of these tiny pimple ish things on my chin.... READ MORE

Is it a good choice to take a treatment subcision and derma roller for acne scars? (Photos)

Hi, I have suffered with acne almost 6years and it results as a scars in my cheeks, side heads(attached photos). I consulted a dermatologist recently,... READ MORE

How many dermarolling treatments will I need on my stretch marks? 4 treatments so far with little results.

I've been derma rolling my deep stretch marks with derma roller since January. I've done it every four weeks so the beginning of April was my... READ MORE

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