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How Many Times Can Skin Repair Itself Before Skin Tissues Collapse?

I use the derma roller and have read that skin can only repair itself so many times before the skin tissues collapse damaging your skin and making it... READ MORE

What is the best dermaroller size for my face and under eyes?

I have combination skin oily on Tzone area and normal on my cheeks. Sometimes i got one or tow acne. I want to know the suitable dermaroller size for... READ MORE

How often should one use a derma roller to get the best results? Should one use an exfoliating brush simultaneously?

I just purchased a derma roller and used it for the first time yesterday. My goal is smooth skin with no bumps and smaller pores. How often should I... READ MORE

Tears in skin from Derma Roller user. Will it need treatment? (photos)

So I believe I have tears in my skin on my cheek near my eye and nose from dermaroller use. It's been a month since done but lines here look very... READ MORE

Anxiety and long term effects - could it have hurt me physically? Should I use a dermaroller?

I have been dealing with anxiety since starting my new job and have experienced the following 1. Tense neck and back that has caused my neck/back to... READ MORE

How to remove derma roller needles dots on face?

I'm using derma roller 0.25mm 3 months ago i don't know what happened with my skin derma roller needles dots on my face how to remove needles dots on... READ MORE

Why did the dermaroller leave holes in my skin?

I used a .05 titanium thin needled dermaroller and have noticed little holes in my skin. Will this go away? Do I need to roll my skin more to make... READ MORE

I've a 2.5 mm dermaroller at home, is it safe to use at home?

Well I've already been treated by 2.5 mm dermaroller before under doctor's supervision, but now i dont stay in my town and cant go to a clinic for... READ MORE

Can DermaRolling really cause thicker/tougher skin with long-term use?

I have been using a .75mm dermaroller at home, about once every other week, for better absorption of product. I don't press very hard but I recently... READ MORE

Is it okay to use extra virgin coconut oil as a after treatment cream for derma rolling? (photo)

I have been using coconut oil as a face cream for some time now, made my skin look and feel much better. My dermaroller(0,25mm) is ready for the... READ MORE

Hyaluronic acid skin boosters using dermaroller/dermastamp/needling?

Hi, I know that hydrating boosters such as juvederm hydrate or restylane booster are not fillers but are usually inserted via micro injections.... READ MORE

Epidermis healing properly after deep derma rolling session? (photo)

Hey there. I had a 1.5 mm derma rolling session for some nasal scars. It took about a week but the skin is now pink (with some slight red left) and it... READ MORE

Uneven skin after using a derma roller, how can I fix this? (Photo)

Hi I really need help.i used derma roller on my leg for a coupe of weeks and it has damaged my skin.i am a dark skin person but the area I used the... READ MORE

Derma Roller: I want to use facial mask.

I.e the Himalayan Charcoal Mask from Body Shop after few days of my 3rd derma roller treatment. Is that okay? I am a bit worry, fearing the new skin... READ MORE

Doesn't the Derma Roller cause any infection?

Since it punches several holes in the skin, doesn't that create more skin infections and problems? READ MORE

After two days of Derma Roller my skin is all covered with red itchy rashes. (photo)

Hi I dermarol my face myself on the first time it was great nothing happend just a little redness gone in the next day, but in the second time after... READ MORE

Bumpy skin since a month from using Derma Roller. How to reverse this effect?

Can this skin be fixed? It doesn't seem to be getting better. Every time I apply makeup it looks more prominent. READ MORE

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