Scarring + Derma Roller

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Will derma roller remove the scars and pores on my face? (Photo)

I'm confused whether i'm having skin pore or acne scars on my face.Will dermarolling remove these scars/pores of my face? READ MORE

I Am 42 and Have Had Cystic Acne. Thinking About Using Dermaroller for Scars? (photo)

I am a 42 female, started getting cystic acne 7 years ago every month. Did accutane over a year ago and it has pretty much all stopped. But now I have... READ MORE

Dark spots caused from shaving and scarring?

I have dark spots from shaving in my bikini area and some scars as well. Its very embarrassing to be without clothes on if you know what I mean. I... READ MORE

Can using a 1.5 Derma Roller on your face cause collagen break down?

Hello,I keep reading that you need at least 1.5 depth needles to make a difference in scarring but I've also read that you shouldn't use needle... READ MORE

For a 4 Week Old Atrophic Scar on the Face- How Soon Would Derma Rolling Be Advised?

I have a 4 week old scar as a result of using a "natural" mole removing paste. Would like to know how soon I can under go derma rolling to lessen the... READ MORE

How long do I need to see results from derma rolling? What products to use with it?

I have recently come off steroid treatment very abruptly, which caused my skin to go crazy and every pore became clogged which then turned into a spot... READ MORE

Dose Derma Roller Help with Atrophic Scarring Easily IrritatedLesions 7weeeks After Infini Radiofrequancy by Lutronic Company?

Iam 39 y old female was with perfect skin , 7 weeks ago i had only one session of of infini radiofrequancy machine lutronic company done by mohamad... READ MORE

Is at-home dermarolling safe? (photos)

I have heard good reviews about dermarolling for acne scarring. Over the last 5 years, I've had 4 Fraxel Restore & 1 Picosure treatment for acne... READ MORE

Which derma roller size should I use and a good serum? (Photo)

Can you suggest what sized derma roller I should use for the scarring I have on my face. Also if you can suggest a good serum that won't break my bank... READ MORE

Dermarolling for light scarring and enlarged gapped pores. Which size is best for light scarring? (photo)

I read many times that .5 - 1.0mm is best for light scarring. But there was a few places that said 1.5-2.0mm is mainly for really deep scarring, but... READ MORE

Over-aggressive Dry Needling Caused Scarring. What Are my Treatment Options?

Dry needling was performed on my ankle to help correct hypopigmentation with electric machine by a trained, licensed esthetician with nursing degree.... READ MORE

Are the Results from Dermarolling/micro Needling Permanent?

For mild to moderate atrophic scarring, will the improvement last indefinitely? I see a lot of conflicting answers online, even within the medical... READ MORE

Should I Follow Through With Dermaroller Treatment After Failed IPL?

No results after two IPL treatments, so he also suggest me for dermaroller and now from next month i am going to start that which cost me approx... READ MORE

Are my scars deep, or shallow? (Photo)

I've been researching all day, and so far I've been told by family that my scars seem shallow and more on the minor side. However, I am terrified to... READ MORE

Should i use dermaroller at home or go to the hospital and spend thousands of dollars? (photo)

Hi.I'm 17 now.And i always had these horrible scars on my face since i was very little. They're all over my cheeks,deep and kind of like chicken pox... READ MORE

Is Derma Rolling Any Good for Atropic Scars from an Accident? (photo)

I had hoped this may be good for my facial scar, but I keep reading 'acne scarring' and nothing about a depressed scars from accidents. Can I have a... READ MORE

Does derma roller work for this type of scarring? If so, what mm do I buy and how do I use it? (Photo)

Hi I'm a 34 year old. I have expensive hyperpigmentation on my face due to pregnancies and hysterectomy. I also have tiny little holes from acne and... READ MORE

Can Derma Roller remove old scars and scaly dry skin? (Photos)

I have so many scars on my legs that are somehow visible because they're still darker than my color. I had them since i was a kid. I also have scaly... READ MORE

Is 1.5 of Derma Roller sufficient to treat sun damage, light/ medium lines, and mild scaring?

I purchased a 1.5 mm dermaroller and numbing cream to use at home on my face i plan to use it fotnightly in conjuction with retin a gel, prescrption... READ MORE

I have very light scarring on face (cheek, left side) - mostly rolling scars. Whats best > Dermaroller or Microdermabrasion?

Scarring is noticable under certain lighting conditions, and the way I position my face. For instance, in some mirrors I cant notice the scarring even... READ MORE

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