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Does derma roller work for hair loss?

Hello is it true that by using derma roller on your head will help the hair grow? ( and in my case it is my hair line ) Also is it safe to use... READ MORE

Is it safe to apply a natural topical like Rosemary or Lavender oil on to the scalp after dermarolling?

I really do not want to apply Minoxidel or any other drug due to all the possible side effect. So I am looking for the best natural topical for hair... READ MORE

Is it safe to use Dermaroller on the neck?

I am 25 years old male and I want to prevent aging for the neck. I use Dermaroller needle size 1.5mm once every 6 weeks. Can I use it on the neck? READ MORE

Just started derma rolling with .5 on face, can I do my nose? And hands?

Is it safe to derma roll your nose since there isn't as much fat? Also I used .5 to derma roll my hands and it left tiny red that because... READ MORE

MIXED REVIEWS? Would it be better or worse to apply tretinoin cream directly after derma rolling?

I see some people saying its safe to apply tretinoin cream right after home derma rolling (1.5mm) and some say it's not.I'm confused? would it be... READ MORE

Is it fine to use tretinoin while Derma Rolling? (photos)

Im suffering from acne scars, i dermapen once a month and aftr 14 days start derma rolling with 1.5 mm. But my problm is i get dark patches of... READ MORE

Are dermaroller / micro needling safe for a person with SLE/ lupus?

I want to try the dermaroller method for some old scars. I have SLE but no symptoms in my face. READ MORE

Is it safe for me to use a 1.5mm Derma Roller?

I have just purchased a Dr Roller dermaroller 1.5mm and plan to use it once a month to treat some pinhole scarring from a laser treatment i had 3... READ MORE

Is at-home dermarolling safe? (photos)

I have heard good reviews about dermarolling for acne scarring. Over the last 5 years, I've had 4 Fraxel Restore & 1 Picosure treatment for acne... READ MORE

Is Dermarolling safe when using Retin-A?

Im using retin-a and wonder whether dermarolling is safe for my skin. Thank you for helping me. READ MORE

How long after an aggressive dermaroller treatment is it safe/optimal to have a deep chemical peel treatment on the face?

Hi, I had an aggressive dermaroller treatment done with a 2.0mm dermaroller on my face about a month ago and I also want to do a deep chemical peel.... READ MORE

Can I use Derma Roller during pregnancy?

Can I use dermaroller during pregnancy? is it safe to use ? I want ue it for my leg .I don't wany use it for my stomach READ MORE

Can I Derma Roll while on minocycline?

I currently have no active acne but on 100mg of minocycline twice a day. Would it be safe to use a dermaroller for my acne scars? READ MORE

Is DermaRoller Micro-needling Safe with Medical PVC Plastic Needles?

I came across the "Mi-Roll" derma roller, which is made of Medical PVC Plastic Material Microneedles (as opposed to stainless steel needles). The... READ MORE

I have heard great things about derma rolling to help re pigment skin is it safe to do on the penis? (Photo)

A year ago I received treatment for genital warts with TCA the treatment left me with a hypo pigmented scar. I have read about derma rolling and was... READ MORE

Is the photon ultrasonic beauty machine 3mzh with green, red and blue lights safe for facial use after Derma Roller?

Can I derma roll, then put aloe vera on and use the photon ultrasonic beauty machine ? is it safe to use the red light on the machine for my undereye... READ MORE

Can you use Rogaine while Derma Rolling?

I'm using Rogaine for hair loss, but my doctor recommends dermarolling for acne scars. Is it safe to do both at the same time? READ MORE

Is it safe to use dermaroller on a fairly new scar?

Is it safe to use derma roller (1m) on 3/4 months swallow scar old from laser? (Setting were far too high)? The scars are very superficial, look like... READ MORE

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