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Risk of Dermaroller While on Accutane?

I am using accutane for 4 months and now I haven't got any acne, but acne scars. I wonder why accutane users have to wait for 6-12 months to start... READ MORE

Can Using Dermaroller Aggravate Cystic Acne?

I am 48yrs. have deep painful knots that flare up.very oily skin so i don't have alot of wrinkles.my face could be more toned.will dermaroller... READ MORE

Derma roller for stretch marks?

Hi!I'm 15 years old and I have stetch marks.They have caused because I got abruptly height.They are not very noticible but they bother me.I was... READ MORE

Is at-home dermarolling safe? (photos)

I have heard good reviews about dermarolling for acne scarring. Over the last 5 years, I've had 4 Fraxel Restore & 1 Picosure treatment for acne... READ MORE

I am wanting to buy a Dermaroller, but I don't know how safe it is to buy one off the internet. Any suggestions?

Should I be concerned about risk of getting a disease? How can I be sure they are sterilized? Are the needles hollow? Can you even get disease from... READ MORE

Dermarolling over fat grafts?

I have had two coleman fat grafting procedures. The last one was 9 months ago. Would it be safe to start dermarolling or would I risk damage? I would... READ MORE

I have heard great things about derma rolling to help re pigment skin is it safe to do on the penis? (Photo)

A year ago I received treatment for genital warts with TCA the treatment left me with a hypo pigmented scar. I have read about derma rolling and was... READ MORE

Are Dermarollers for Home Use, Safe and Effective?

I have seen dermarollers which can be purchased online. Are these safe to practice on ones self? I have light acne scars, nothing major, and would... READ MORE

What size derma roller should I use? (photos)

I've been thinking about using a derma roller on my nose scar but am confused on what needle size to use. I've done some research on them but still... READ MORE

I have been on 20mg Isotretinoin for more than a month and I started using 0.5mm derma-roller for my scars.

I would like to ask if there is any risks or side effects of this and would it make more scars. READ MORE

Possibility of permanent facial skin damage from Derma Rolling?

Can you get permanent skin damage from doing the microderma rolling with 2mm needle excessively during one session at home? There was never any... READ MORE

Is it risky to begin Dermaroller treatments after completion Of Accutane?

Microneedling After 3 months course of Accutane Plz Help me Thank Yo  READ MORE

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