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What is Dermarolling? Can Dermarolling Be Used for Acne Scars?

What is the recovery like for the dermarolling procedure? Thank you READ MORE

Can I use derma roller and emu oil as a treatment for old stretch marks? What other good oil can be used?

I have stretch marks do to pregnancy they're fifteen years old and I hate, hate, hate them. Did I mention that I hate them? I've been using emu oil... READ MORE

How often to use a 0.5 mm Derma Roller?

Hi Y'all. I have started using a 0.5 mm derma roller on my face 3 times a week. After just doing some research, I've no idea how often to really use... READ MORE

Collagen induction therapy Derma Roller?

Can you please suggest a good brand cit derma roller for crepey skin under the eyes? Thank you! READ MORE

How efficient is minoxidil with derma roller? I am 35 and I am facing extreme case of baldness and hair falling (Photo)

I ve head full of hairs three years ago. I immediately turn to doctor and start taking biotin 1000 mcg thrice a day with multi vitamins and minoxidil... READ MORE

I used Derma Roller and my forehead broke out in lots of tiny bumps

I used .5 derma roller for first time, and developed tiny bumps on my forehead. Should I continue to roll except for the forehead? Or should I stop... READ MORE

Tretinoin and home Derma Rolling?

I've been on Tretinoin cream for about a month now. I just ordered my home dermaroller and plan to use the 1.5 mm for acne scarring on my cheek areas.... READ MORE

Using Derma Roller after hair transplant

About one and half years ago I had hair transplant my scalp is not completely healed it still has some numbness and I have hair loss. I am taking... READ MORE

What is the best product to use after dermal rolling face with 1.0 needles?

I just purchased a dermal roller, with 1.0 needles. I have done quite a bit of read each but still am not sure what the best serum product is to use... READ MORE

Skin treatment. Should I use Derma Roller on my own face?

There are too much acne scars on my face so Should I use darmaroller on my own face? please give me the lead to using dermaroller like which cream I... READ MORE

Couple of Questions regarding restoring skin texture and fullness. Most indepth answers would be appreciated! (Photo)

Effectiveness of the following treatments on evening out skin texture (skin irregularity due to superficial acnes scars and enlarged pores) and... READ MORE

After Derma Roller Treatment is Completed, Can We Use Our Normal Skin Care Products?

Hello doctor after derma roller treatment is completed.. can we use our normal skin care products? aloe vera, cucumber, olive oil ...these things... READ MORE

South Korean or German Dermaroller,Stainless Steel or Titanium Needles, Which is Better ?

The following questions will surely help people that want to know more about the dermaroller procedure. So please contribute. 1. It is touted that the... READ MORE

Which Needle Length Should Be Used on the Face when Using the Derma Roller?

I have some acne scar on my forehead and between eyebrows, my practitionner wants to use a derma roller with 2 mm needles. What do you think?... READ MORE

How to Sustain That Microswelling After Laser or Dermaroller?

I realize no method is effective to remove all scars but some laser such as cooltouch/fraxel restore can lead to a period of microswelling that... READ MORE

Should I Follow Through With Dermaroller Treatment After Failed IPL?

No results after two IPL treatments, so he also suggest me for dermaroller and now from next month i am going to start that which cost me approx... READ MORE

Large Bag under my Eye and a Large Hollowness in the Tear Trough. Could this be result of X-HA3, Hyaluronidase, and Botox?

I tried a minimal amount of X-HA3 above my right cheekbone 3 mos. ago, and as result, I got a large bag under my eye & a bulge in the upper tear... READ MORE

Large open pore on right face cheek. Would derma roller help?

I have got just one large open pore on my face. I have been using Biopore cleanser,scrub and face mask to try and help it reduce but nothing helps.... READ MORE

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