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Dermaroller for Frown Lines on Forehead?

I am considering getting the Dermaroller to smooth frown line on my forehead. It is quite deep considering I'm only 20 so I need a solution and... READ MORE

Will a Dermaroller Work Well on Atrophic Scars(as Pictured Below)

The scar is from a scratch from childhood. Can you recommend any particular dermarollers to use for this type of scar? READ MORE

Is large areas of hyper pigmentation that occurred after derma rolling permanent? (photos)

I begin derma rolling June 6 with a .5mm needles gently. I quickly notice that on my forehead, between my eyes, the bridge of my nose, and the bottom... READ MORE

Very confused about the size and frequency of use of Dermaroller for face treatment. Any suggestions?

Very confused about the size and frequency of use of Dermaroller for face treatment. I am trying to treat minor acne scarring and pock-mark on chin... READ MORE

I used Derma Roller and my forehead broke out in lots of tiny bumps

I used .5 derma roller for first time, and developed tiny bumps on my forehead. Should I continue to roll except for the forehead? Or should I stop... READ MORE

Derma rolling to restore and collagen and volume to forehead. Will this work?

After sun damage and general living i've decided to have dermo rolling and fraxeling treatment. Simply put, will this work or is it a fad or unproven... READ MORE

Do the holes left from the Dermaroller ever disappear?

Hi,more than 1 week ago I used a 0'5mm dermaroller on my forehead , and it left tiny holes which I guess is to be expected? I'm wondering if this is... READ MORE

My name is Anastasia. I had chickenpox in childhood, now I'm 24. I hate my atrophic scars. I want to get rid of them (Photo)

I tried laser resurfacing 3 or 4 times and that gave no result. Today I tried hyaluronic acid, but I feel very skeptic about it... I think that the... READ MORE

My pores in my forehead are getting bigger and I don't know what to do. (photos)

Please can anybody give me an advise, if i can reduce my pore sizes in the forehead? I am 40 years old and I am really getting depressed and passing... READ MORE

I Had a Derma Roller Treatment Yesterday and Have Scratch Marks On My Forehead?

Hi I had a derma roller treatment yesterday and I now have scratch marks on my forehead and also on the side of my face, how long will this take to fade? READ MORE

Which Needle Length Should Be Used on the Face when Using the Derma Roller?

I have some acne scar on my forehead and between eyebrows, my practitionner wants to use a derma roller with 2 mm needles. What do you think?... READ MORE

I used a 1.0 derma roller on my face and my skin started bleeding, only on my forehead and when u went over my nose.

I don't know if it was because it has been extremely cold outside and my skin is dry, it didn't bleed on my cheeks or anywhere else just middle of... READ MORE

I have been derma rolling on the face for 7 days every day. I noticed I have two dark patches. Is this normal?

I didn't use it last night. Noticed I have two dark patches on the face area in my cheek and forehead. How can I make things better and how often... READ MORE

Is it safe to return to Derma rolling after fat graft procedure?

I'm thinking about getting fat grafts to my cheeks and forehead. After having this procedure done, I was wondering if it's safe for me to ever return... READ MORE

Small white bumps after dermaroller? (Photo)

I use a dermaroller at home and have not had any issues in the past. I used a 1.0mm dermaroller and developed these small white bumps in my forehead 2... READ MORE

I've had raised acne scar on my forehead for over a year now. Can dermarolling the scar help reduce it's appearance? (photo)

I pressed hard a big pimple on my forehead that led to a raised scar. A dermatologist told me to use a dermaroller on it. Will dermrolling the scar work? READ MORE

What would remove this type of scar best? (Photo)

When I was 4 years old I was in a car accident and I went into the windshield. I got glass in my forehead and above my right eye.It was removed and I... READ MORE

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