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Dermaroller vs CO2 Laser Resurfacing for Acne Scars?

Last year I had Roaccutane to get rid of acne which is gone but now my major skin problem currently is my acne scars which are deep. My... READ MORE

Options for Treating Fine Lines from Derma Roller?

I have been using Derma Roller for a couple of months now with Vit. A and C creams. The roller has left me with micro lines and enlarged pores all... READ MORE

Dermaroller to Correct Sagging Lower Face and Jowls?

I am 44 and have slight jowls and sagging in the lower half of my face. A beautician recommended three sessions with the medical dermaroller to... READ MORE

What products help with Dermaroller Treatment to Get Rid of Hyperpigmentation?

What kind of solution or cream should I use along with the dermaroller treatment to get rid of hyperpigmentation on my face? READ MORE

How to get rid of track marks after derma rolling ?

Hi I derma rolled my face with a 1.5 mm derma roller nearly six weeks ago and it has left me with noticeable track marks on my upper lip , side of eye... READ MORE

How frequent should you Dermaroll with an at home 1.5 roller?

I just rolled my face for the first time. It was not that bad, no bleeding, I put on Vitamin E afterwards so that only natural things absorbed into... READ MORE

Derma Roller for Old Facial Scars

Does Derma Roller Work on Facial Scarring Which is 22 Years Old? READ MORE

What is the best dermaroller size for my face and under eyes?

I have combination skin oily on Tzone area and normal on my cheeks. Sometimes i got one or tow acne. I want to know the suitable dermaroller size for... READ MORE

Will derma roller remove the scars and pores on my face? (Photo)

I'm confused whether i'm having skin pore or acne scars on my face.Will dermarolling remove these scars/pores of my face? READ MORE

What to use on face after derma roller?

I'm going to start derma rolling and I cannot find a straight answer of what is best to use immediately after. I have retin a as well as 20% vitamin c... READ MORE

Very confused about the size and frequency of use of Dermaroller for face treatment. Any suggestions?

Very confused about the size and frequency of use of Dermaroller for face treatment. I am trying to treat minor acne scarring and pock-mark on chin... READ MORE

How long after Erbium Laser can I try Dermaroller?

I had Erbium laser about 18days ago. My skin has red streaks all over it, but all the scars and wrinkles are still there. When can I try dermarolling? READ MORE

For a 4 Week Old Atrophic Scar on the Face- How Soon Would Derma Rolling Be Advised?

I have a 4 week old scar as a result of using a "natural" mole removing paste. Would like to know how soon I can under go derma rolling to lessen the... READ MORE

Derma roller on my face - is it doing more harm than good?

I use a 1.5mm needle on forehead, glabellar lines and around my mouth and chin. My face is red and inflamed for about 2 days afterwards followed by... READ MORE

Is it okay to use extra virgin coconut oil as a after treatment cream for derma rolling? (photo)

I have been using coconut oil as a face cream for some time now, made my skin look and feel much better. My dermaroller(0,25mm) is ready for the... READ MORE

I have been using 2mm derma roller for deep scars on my face. I'm not feeling any improvement but new scars. Is this normal?

I have been using 2mm derma roller for deep scars on my face, with each application I'm using moisturizing cream, Vitamin C+E Serum and Collagen... READ MORE

Can I put retinol, vit c, hyalauronic acid and argan oil on my face then derma roll with 1mm needles ?

What is the best creams, serums to use before derma rolling or do you put nothing on, then derma roll, then put all the creams and serums on your face ?? READ MORE

Dermaroller After Thermage?

How long should I wait after Thermage to get dermaroller done next? Is it recommended? Is 2 weeks waiting time enough? I'm also thinking of... READ MORE

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