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Using a dermarolling or dermapen. Why do some doctors say it's good yet others put it down?

Why is it that some doctors say dermarolling or using a dermapen is good yet others say it's useless? I see it being used more & more in doctors... READ MORE

I'm having dermapen treatment. What type of cream or serum can I use for aftercare? (Photo)

I am getting a dermapen treatment done on my abdomen to help with the texture of stretch marks. I was advised to use hyaluronic acid, but I'm not sure... READ MORE

Can dermapen leave permanent holes in the face

Hello, I had full face Dermapen treatment with an aesthetician over 4 weeks ago. She used the 2mm depth over most of my face. My pores and scarring... READ MORE

Will Dermapen and Derma roller be good for acne scars?

Hey, earlier I had posted a question about how to treat my minor, boxcar acne scarring. I keep getting recommendations for a new laser treatment, and... READ MORE

Is dermapen better than 'dermarolling with fruit peel' for acne scars, open pores and dark spots?

I've done one derma rolling with fruit peel, and saw little improvement in scars and no improvement in dark spots. I'm considering dermapen from... READ MORE

Damaged from dermapen?

I had dermapen 3 weeks ago i have veins all over my face and i am peeling and still red ,is my face permenentaly damage ?im freaking out ... please... READ MORE

Holes and a lot of swelling after Dermaroller 0.5. Any suggestions?

I had my first treatment with dermapen. She also wanted that i treated myself at home. Because i have alot of blackheads, she wanted that i steamed my... READ MORE

Couple of Questions regarding restoring skin texture and fullness. Most indepth answers would be appreciated! (Photo)

Effectiveness of the following treatments on evening out skin texture (skin irregularity due to superficial acnes scars and enlarged pores) and... READ MORE

According to many reviews, Fraxel may not help against deep acne scars. I want to try a safer option like Derma Roller (Photo)

Will derma roller or Dermapen work against deep acne scars and how many treatments I need till I see the result? Is there any other laser treatment... READ MORE

Is it fine to use tretinoin while Derma Rolling? (photos)

Im suffering from acne scars, i dermapen once a month and aftr 14 days start derma rolling with 1.5 mm. But my problm is i get dark patches of... READ MORE

Red itchy warm spots along with brown dry spots on my face after dermapen session. Is it normal?

Got dermapen session 3 days ago, I was told to keep the area moisturised and use cortisone cream to help with the redness, but now my skin is flaking... READ MORE

Why drastic price difference in Dermapen in Medispa vs. Dermatologist office?

I went to dermatologist recently to control some acne and inquired about a Dermapen treatment. I had also inquired such at a high end reputable... READ MORE

How long it may to the black shade to be gone after dermapen?

I did dermapen for the 6 th time. Usually the red shade goes away after 3/4 days. This time it took 7 days. After 7 days the red layer got removed but... READ MORE

How Often Should You Use a 1.0 Mm Dermaroller for Hair Loss?

I am currently being treated using a product called the dermapen for a couple of surgical scars I have. I came across some information that you could... READ MORE

Does the Derma Pen or Derma Roller Produce Collagen?

My local Medi Spa has a new procedure called the Derma Pen Procedure, it supposedly produces collagen by poking holes in the dermis. It supposedly... READ MORE

Are my scars deep, or shallow? (Photo)

I've been researching all day, and so far I've been told by family that my scars seem shallow and more on the minor side. However, I am terrified to... READ MORE

Is dermapen good for acne, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation on Indian skin?

I've been using acutane 20mg/day for 5 weeks. I'm having acne dark spots and scars. Scars got improved by dermarolling but left brown patch. Is... READ MORE

Damage from dermapen; will it fade? (Photo)

I dont know if theres a reason for my panic but I had a Dermapen treatment a few days ago. I got one very small new line scar from it which you cant... READ MORE

I have decided to try derma rolling at home. Any advice and tips to help insure success and a safe outcome? (photo)

I need device recommendations & products, such as numbing cream. My concerns are nasal lab.lines, mar. lines, pores, neck wrinkles &... READ MORE

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