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How long does it take to see results on stretch marks using derma roller? Should I try longer needles?

I just started using derma roller 1mm to get rid of stretch marks that I have on my back, shoulders and armpits, they aren't really deep. I used derma... READ MORE

Dermaroller to Correct Sagging Lower Face and Jowls?

I am 44 and have slight jowls and sagging in the lower half of my face. A beautician recommended three sessions with the medical dermaroller to... READ MORE

Dermaroller Creates More Collagen?

Will dermaroller work for creating more collagen and fullness in the face? I am 29 years old and have experienced a little loss of volume around the... READ MORE

Dermaroller/Microneedling on the skin?

How do you feel about micro needling rollers. I have been told they help to form collogeon. My main question is do you think they can wear down any... READ MORE

Dermarolling. Do you make your body produce more collagen or are you using up your own collagen?

I was just wondering about dermarolling.You use it to induce collagen to help stretch marks etc.But I was just wondering do you make your body produce... READ MORE

Collagen induction therapy Derma Roller?

Can you please suggest a good brand cit derma roller for crepey skin under the eyes? Thank you! READ MORE

Is TNS serum worth the money?

I will start dermarolling soon and perhaps alternate with glycolic acid peel every two weeks. My question is would tns serum help stimulate collagen... READ MORE

Can using a 1.5 Derma Roller on your face cause collagen break down?

Hello,I keep reading that you need at least 1.5 depth needles to make a difference in scarring but I've also read that you shouldn't use needle... READ MORE

Derma rolling to restore and collagen and volume to forehead. Will this work?

After sun damage and general living i've decided to have dermo rolling and fraxeling treatment. Simply put, will this work or is it a fad or unproven... READ MORE

Can ingesting collagen help rebuild the skin?

I am using the derma roller and as part of my treatment I am supplementing with collagen treatments. Is there any benefit in ingesting collagen? READ MORE

I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and I want to know if a Dermal Roller or other treatments can help my defective collagen. (photo)

I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. I've had several facelifts, but due to the elasticity of my skin, the results are poor. I am wondering if the derma... READ MORE

Can dermarollers help reduce skin redness and thread veins on face and nose?

Intrerested to know if the collagen enhancing properties of dermarolling can have a positive impact on facial redness and threadveins. READ MORE

Collagen and Elastin Creams, Are They Effective?

I had a dermaroller a month ago and the dermatologist suggested to use an Elastin and Collagen cream, while on internet mostly it is debated that it... READ MORE

I have been using 2mm derma roller for deep scars on my face. I'm not feeling any improvement but new scars. Is this normal?

I have been using 2mm derma roller for deep scars on my face, with each application I'm using moisturizing cream, Vitamin C+E Serum and Collagen... READ MORE

Does the Derma Pen or Derma Roller Produce Collagen?

My local Medi Spa has a new procedure called the Derma Pen Procedure, it supposedly produces collagen by poking holes in the dermis. It supposedly... READ MORE

Correct Procedure for Medical and Home Skin Needling (Dermarolling)?

Some practitioners suggest that home skin needling can enhance the effects of medical skin needling by tricking the skin into thinking that it is... READ MORE

Does derma rolling help collagen production and therefore reduce some signs of ageing such as wrinkles and sagging?

I am almost 50 and have been dermarolling for a few years now and don't really know if it works. I don't agree with expensive surgery or products so... READ MORE

Will a .25mm Derma Roller induce collagen production?

Have mild acne scarring, not deep but my skin texture is uneven and I have large pores that I would like to help get smaller. I purchased a .25mm... READ MORE

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