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How Do I Get Rid of Hyperpigmentation from Derma Roller?

I got dermarolling for very mild acne scarring with 1.5 mm June last year on my whole face and developed hyperpigmentation in two spots on my cheek... READ MORE

Would dermaroller or dermapen treatments help my large T-zone and cheek pores? (Photo)

Very large open pores that have only appeared very recently. 27/F, previously had very little issues with my skin. I have tried various products &... READ MORE

What is the best dermaroller size for my face and under eyes?

I have combination skin oily on Tzone area and normal on my cheeks. Sometimes i got one or tow acne. I want to know the suitable dermaroller size for... READ MORE

Derma roller peeled off my skin?!

I used a 0.5mm derma roller all over my cheeks and after 3 days it started peeling off?! my first layer of skin is gone and it looks bad. please why? READ MORE

Tretinoin and home Derma Rolling?

I've been on Tretinoin cream for about a month now. I just ordered my home dermaroller and plan to use the 1.5 mm for acne scarring on my cheek areas.... READ MORE

Dermaroller or fractional co2 for dark olive skin?

I have a dark olive skin with medium scars on my cheeks and I did the fractional for once but I'm afraid to continue to get pigmentation and need to... READ MORE

How much percentage of improvement can I expect from Derma Rolling for my acne scars on cheeks?

I have moderate scars on my both cheeks. I did one fractional co2 laser from a clinic. I think it helped me a little. As it is very expensive. I... READ MORE

Derma Roller once a week. My cheek area has become wrinkly

Hello 'I am used Derma Roller and my face was pure and the net and more freshness i used size 5.,. Once a week, but my cheek area has become in large... READ MORE

I've been dermarolling my skin for 3 months but I have enlarged pores on my cheeks which I didn't have before. Any suggestion?

Is it bcoz of dermarolling or what ...I don't there r enlarged pores on my nose n my cheeks...should I stop dermarolling?what should... READ MORE

Can I do Derma Rolling or a Laser treatment one month after thread lift? (Photo)

I have had a thread lift they were blue threads and had good recovery no bruising just a bit swollen for a few days. It is a month on and one side... READ MORE

Dermaroller After Thermage?

How long should I wait after Thermage to get dermaroller done next? Is it recommended? Is 2 weeks waiting time enough? I'm also thinking of... READ MORE

Would .5mm Derma Roller treat shallow acne scars?

I have light shallow scars on my cheeks and its not a huge deal in fact I can't tell unless I look really close to the mirror. Its pretty much... READ MORE

How often can I use Dermaroller in a month?

I have deep acne scars in my cheeks, how many times I use this 1.5 Rermaroller in 1month? thnx.. READ MORE

I have been derma rolling on the face for 7 days every day. I noticed I have two dark patches. Is this normal?

I didn't use it last night. Noticed I have two dark patches on the face area in my cheek and forehead. How can I make things better and how often... READ MORE

Is it safe to return to Derma rolling after fat graft procedure?

I'm thinking about getting fat grafts to my cheeks and forehead. After having this procedure done, I was wondering if it's safe for me to ever return... READ MORE

I have very light scarring on face (cheek, left side) - mostly rolling scars. Whats best > Dermaroller or Microdermabrasion?

Scarring is noticable under certain lighting conditions, and the way I position my face. For instance, in some mirrors I cant notice the scarring even... READ MORE

I have been looking for options to reduce or completely remove the facial scar on my cheeks. Any suggestions? (photo)

I've come across Derma roller as an option by dermatologist and another option is an Advanced peel/Medical Microdermabrasion treatment. Any advise or... READ MORE

Dermarolling or laser for surgical scar on cheek? (photos)

I had an childhood scar which i wanted to treat with c02 laser multiple times,but was unsuccessful.hence i decided to have scar its been... READ MORE

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