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Can Retin A be 0.05% be used the same week as Dermarolling with 1.5 Needle?

I just heard I should not Derma Roll at home with 1.5 needle more than once per month. However , I can not find consistent information regarding the... READ MORE

How frequent should you Dermaroll with an at home 1.5 roller?

I just rolled my face for the first time. It was not that bad, no bleeding, I put on Vitamin E afterwards so that only natural things absorbed into... READ MORE

Is it fine to use dermaroller 2.5mm at home? (photo)

I'm dealing with some deep acne scarring. I've done in office two meso with micro needling. I've seen improvements but not on my deep scars. The Dr... READ MORE

which numbing cream and vitamin C serum would you recommend If we want to do derma roller at home

Specifically name and brand that you would recommend If i Live in India? please recommend a cream which is easily available in Indian Market? READ MORE

Is at-home dermarolling safe? (photos)

I have heard good reviews about dermarolling for acne scarring. Over the last 5 years, I've had 4 Fraxel Restore & 1 Picosure treatment for acne... READ MORE

Dermarolling at home for white stretch marks

Hi, I have many old white stretchmarks on my butt, hips and tighs. I´ve been reading a lot about using the dermaroller at home to improve them, so I ... READ MORE

Home dermarolling with a 1.5mm?

Can I dermaroll once a month with the 1.5mm and in between weeks can I dermaroll once or twice a week with a .5 or is that overdoing it? Thanks in advance READ MORE

Can home dermarolling with .25 roller cause inflammation of skin or other problems?

I'm 38 with normal skin and no skin conditions. I've done 3 BBL facials to help with hyperpigmentattion (from sun exposure) and I still have a... READ MORE

Can I use dermarolling? (photo)

I have little scars but a lot of them and I'm tired of looking in the mirror and seeing my skin look this way and the texture of it. I want to make a... READ MORE

How often can I needle with a 0.5mm Dermaroller and should I use numbing cream?

I am treating laser damage with a 0.5 dermaroller at home.( Pinholes scars broken capillaries )I find it quite painful and get pin point bleeding... READ MORE

Can you buy dermarollers or dermastamps in stores?

I'm looking into dermarolling at home and was wondering if they can be bought in stores, if so where? thanks READ MORE

I've a 2.5 mm dermaroller at home, is it safe to use at home?

Well I've already been treated by 2.5 mm dermaroller before under doctor's supervision, but now i dont stay in my town and cant go to a clinic for... READ MORE

Red bumps and inflammation on my skin after 48 hours of derma rolling, is this normal? (Photo)

Hello doctor, i tried dermaroller for the first time. I used a 1.00mm needle for the same. My skin is red and swollen with small pore sized bumps on... READ MORE

What size needle do you recommend when dermarolling at home? I'm trying to save up money to do it professionally.

I know the needles come in different lengths and it takes a certain size to really work the best. READ MORE

Correct Procedure for Medical and Home Skin Needling (Dermarolling)?

Some practitioners suggest that home skin needling can enhance the effects of medical skin needling by tricking the skin into thinking that it is... READ MORE

What kind of serum should I use with Dermaroller/pen?

First of all I have a dark skin and i have acne scar, boxcar and rolling scars, I'm going to do home treatment using Dermapen. I would like to know... READ MORE

Are Dermarollers for Home Use, Safe and Effective?

I have seen dermarollers which can be purchased online. Are these safe to practice on ones self? I have light acne scars, nothing major, and would... READ MORE

Dermaroller or Dermapen for stretch marks?

Hi I have several unsightly stretch marks on my abdomen and would like ur opinion on at-home derma rollers or derma pens? Which works better? What... READ MORE

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