Age 25-34 + Derma Roller

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Does Dermarolling Work?

I have large pores,acne scaring,and wrinkles at the age of 28 i hear dermarolling is good and can i use it along with a Retinol A? READ MORE

Dermaroller Creates More Collagen?

Will dermaroller work for creating more collagen and fullness in the face? I am 29 years old and have experienced a little loss of volume around the... READ MORE

Is it safe to use Dermaroller on the neck?

I am 25 years old male and I want to prevent aging for the neck. I use Dermaroller needle size 1.5mm once every 6 weeks. Can I use it on the neck? READ MORE

Advice needed for bad skin texture and sagging jowls at 34 years old. Would Derma Roller and a mini lift be the answer? (Photo)

Hi, I wonder of you can help me. I have always had problem skin, eczema and acne, I took roaccutane when I was younger. I did smoke rolling tobacco... READ MORE

Which is better: Derma Roller treatment or laser?

I m 26 years old. i hv taken acne treament mny times nearly for 1.5 yrs twice...there are some scars and holes(uneven surface) it looks bad...even... READ MORE

Does dermaroller work for to stimulate hair regrowth for a 26 year old man?

Does derma roller work for hair regrowth at age of 26 for men? And What Kind Of Nutrition take forregrowth new hair and which oil should be used? READ MORE

Is Dermaroller Safe for Dark Skin Tone? (photo)

I am a 28 year old female(Asian). I had acne scars on my cheeks not like ice pricks but medium sized and prominent ones. I have gone through the laser... READ MORE

What are Dermaroller side effects?

1) Are Chinese dermarollers -low quality that could cause additional scars ? 2) Can dermaroller helps in 2-6 years acne scars(now I'm 27 yo) 3) How... READ MORE

Is dermarolling going to ruin my skin? I've read a couple of things about it making people's skin deteriorate. (Photo)

Considering dermaroller to improve the texture and thought it was a safe alternative to laser but I've read a couple of things about it makin people's... READ MORE

Please help - 1.5mm Dermaroller while on Accutane

I am 27 year old man from UK who was on accutane for 6 months (0.5mg for 1 month and 1mg for 5 months) when I went and did one session of dermaroller... READ MORE

Acne scars. I am using 0.5mm Derma Roller but I am not seeing any improvements (Photo)

I am 28 years old and I am suffering from acne scars since I was 18. I am using 0.5 mm derma roller and I have done 3 treatments but unfortunately I... READ MORE

Excess facial and body hair growth after just 2 weeks of minoxidil 2%

I'm a 28 year old woman and I did a derma roller with Minoxidil 2% 2 weeks ago. I've been applying minoxidil 2% 1ml every night ever since. I'm seeing... READ MORE

Specifications for first time Derma Roller user?

I never use a derma roller but it seems a good idea now that i am 29 and start getting some expressions marks, i have a normal skin and never had any... READ MORE

I am looking for help prioritizing cosmetic procedures that will address complexion concerns?

I am 32 years old and have noticed that my skin is looking dull and bit rough. Although I use Botox regularly, I have some fine lines by my eyes and... READ MORE

Can I use Derma Roller for thinning hair?

I am 33 year male suffering from thinning hair can i use dermaroller alone to improve the condition. I don't want to use Minoxidil and especially... READ MORE

Is a .20mm- .25mm Derma Roller the right size to thicken my epidermis?

My epidermis is paper thin (genetics). Would a dermaroller .20mm - .25mm in size be the right choice to thicken my epidermis? I'm not interested in... READ MORE

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