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How Long Should I Wait to Get Dental Implants After Extraction?

I will have two teeth extracted soon. One has an infection and it will need bone grafting. How long can I wait to get implants? Do I get both at the... READ MORE

My front teeth was broken in a game. How much does it cost for an implant? And how long will it take to fix it? (photos)

My front teeths was broken in a game i tried to fix my artificial teeth at local doctor that teeths was very big size if any possibiole to fix a small... READ MORE

Is It Okay to Save Money Using Two Different Dentists: One for the Extraction and the Other for the Dental Implant?

I have insurance that would cover a tooth extraction. However, I am considering getting a dental implant shortly thereafter from a specialist which is... READ MORE

How many months is better to wait before you get pregnant after a tooth implant procedure?

How many months is better to wait before you get pregnant after a tooth implant procedure? (Due to the medicament, X-rays etc) Thanks a lot! READ MORE

Having an abscess for 3rd time, is it wise to removal and simultaneously have bone grafting and dental implant?

Having an abscess for third time on exact same spot and twice before surgically removed, is it wise to remove the third time and simultaneously have... READ MORE

Is 2 to 3 months too long till I get an implant after I just got an extraction? How long should I wait? Can I still brush?

About a quarter of my tooth fell out a couple of weeks ago due to eating a lot of candy as a kid and I went to several dentist that suggested I get an... READ MORE

I am scheduled for an implant 2 weeks after an extraction, complicated by dry socket. Should I wait?

I had an extraction of tooth #27 a week ago and developed dry socket 2 days later. I had seen the clot, but this dislodged through some athletic... READ MORE

I am wanting to know if it is possible receive a dental implant and then realign the front four teeth back? (photo)

I know i have periodontitis after reseaching the disease. The tooth next to it is also loose but i have minimized the gum recession. I am wanting to... READ MORE

There is an intermittent dull pain around my Dental Implant incision after wearing partial retainer is this an issue? (photo)

Tooth #8 extraction and implant occurred on the same day (7/6/2016). Healing seemed to be going okay, but when I followed up with my surgeon on... READ MORE

How long after implants can I start wearing my partials again? (photos)

I got 6 of my upper back teeth implants in 6 weeks ago. prior to my implants I was wearing partials. My dentist recommended not to wear them for at... READ MORE

How soon can my lower metal partial be connected to the two buried implants after implant placement?

I would like to have the short implants to hold my lower cast metal partial so I do not have to go without teeth, How soon and what kind of foods... READ MORE

I know the minimum time you need to wait to have dental implants. What is the maximum time allowed?

I had a back molar removed last year as the crown was split. Right now, though, I don't have the money for an implant, but I hope to soon. What would... READ MORE

Can I wait until December of 2016 due to finances?

I was told to wait at least 6 months to have an implant. I had an extraction in February of 2016. Six months would be August. Can I realistically wait... READ MORE

I had #19 removed due to root fracture. Oral surgeon did not do bone grafting for implant. Now what?

I was in so much pain and the surgeon I went to TALKED about doing the preparation but then told me afterwards that he did not do it. So how long will... READ MORE

How long do I have to wait to get this done please help me: pain and really miserable.

I had my teeth out about a week ago they gave me Dentures but they're not working out the bottom ones don't fit at all they're cutting into my gums... READ MORE

I just got my retainers with a fake tooth 3 days ago. How long should I wait to get an implant?

So, I've always had a missing incisor, which messed up with the alignment of my upper teeth and so my other incisor didn't fully grow because of the... READ MORE

How long does it take for the laboratory to make a single implant?

I already had healing time for 4 months, after that I ve been told to wait two weeks for my implant to be ready. But, I have been waiting for it for... READ MORE

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