Uncomfortable + Dental Implants

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Possible to Go from Full Dentures to Implants?

I have had my full upper/lower dentures for over a year and I hate them - they hurt, make me gag and I can't eat. Adhesives don't work for... READ MORE

Dental implant trapping food?

I have recently (six months ago) had an implant crown put into the space where I had lost a tooth approximately two years prior. On one side of the... READ MORE

What could be causing my three year old implants to feel "uncomfortable"? (photos)

They are two implants on my front teeth (right and central and lateral incisor). The uncomfortable feeling has been happening for a week now. It... READ MORE

Implant and side bones. In the picture you can see the reddish bump . He said there is bone left there. Any suggestion? (photo)

I have implant root just 20 days ago and it is in the lower molar and i jave realised something not the inmer part but exterior part i asked my doctor... READ MORE

How comfortable or uncomfortable are the essix retainers for a temporary bridge?

UI need to use one for about 12 weeks for an anterior tooth that needs to be extracted and then an implant. They don't look comfortable to use all day... READ MORE

What can be done when the dentist can't remove the crown from an implant?

I have a total bridge on the bottom of my mouth over implants. It was cemented over the implants. The entire bridge is loose and lifting up except for... READ MORE

I want to have my implant removed and replaced with a bridge.

I had an implant several years ago. Lower front tooth. It sits back a bit from my other teeth. It has been uncomfortable and painful from the... READ MORE

Can I have none grafting with the implant in place?

One is loose after 5 months. The surgeon says we have to remove the implant and begin all over. The flipper was very uncomfortable. I speak for a... READ MORE

Can an implant be chipped when braces are removed?

Had an implanted tooth & a root canal on another & the surgeon highly recommended an orthodontist to have the gap in betwn my 2 front teeth... READ MORE

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