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Why are dentists saying that Zirconia dental implants are better than Titanium implants? Is this true?

It seems zirconia implants are a better option than titanium since zirconia doesn't have the same metallic properties as titanium, is just as strong,... READ MORE

What kind of implant should a 19 year old use for his front tooth? Zirconia / Titanium? What about the abutment, does it matter?

I have done a lot of research on the subject. Have concluded that titanium is more bio-compatible and is the "standard" as it has been around for... READ MORE

Why are we using titanium in 2014? Are there other material that are more natural? Also, porcelain for crowns?

I would think in 2014 we would have better material that is more natural in the year 2014. I am very concerned about having titanium and porcelain in... READ MORE

Dental implant: High pain even after 7 days of implant. Can you please let know the cause of pain? (Photo)

I got metal(Titanium) implanted 7 days ago. I had anti-biotics and pain killers for 4 days. I went to doctor yesterday and got stitches removed and he... READ MORE

Will I be able to wear my dentures immediately after the fitting of the titanium posts?

I am booked for a 'All on 2' for the bottom denture but, reading here it seems that there should be 4 posts really in case one fails. Am I am likely... READ MORE

Titanium Dental Implant and Bone Healing/loss (photo)

I'm a 24 years old girl. About a month ago I had 4 molar teeth removed in my lower jaw. I would like to have Dental Implants. For now there is only... READ MORE

I have my own custom made dentures. Am trying to find a price range for the titanium screw implants?

I am only 53 yrs old and live in Mount Airy, NC. I lost all my teeth due to a pin left in after a root canal at age 27. 5 yrs later I awoke with my... READ MORE

Titanium implants, plus hip and knee replacements: too much metal in my body?

I have a whole mouth full of implanted teeth using titanium as the base for the tooth, I also have bi-lateral hip replacements and a knee replacement.... READ MORE

Can Titanium dental implants leach into bloodstream? What are the long-term risks to one's health (female) from having implants?

What are some common risks/cons that are associated with having titanium dental implants? Can the metal leach into the bloodstream? Any adverse... READ MORE

Why are we still using titanium instead of another compound for implants. I heard this is bad for your brain.

Why are we still using titanium for implants? I need implants done and I do not want titanium in my mouth or any other kind of metal, especially alloy... READ MORE

What can I do about bad implants? (Photo)

I dont know what can do to correct the issues with my implants. I have all my teeth replaced with titanium implants and full dentures permanently... READ MORE

I had bone graft surgery for a dental implant in April. Wondering if I could be having a reaction to the titanium in the screw?

I have not felt the same since my surgery in April. At first I thought it was because of the antibiotics but as time went on I feel there is something... READ MORE

When is the most fragile time for failure of implants?

4/8/2016 I had dentures and had them for 12 yrs. And needed a new set. I always had issues with the bottom ones. The dentist told me about the... READ MORE

Are titanium dental implants safe?

Hi doctors, Are titanium dental implants safe? Can they cause facial edema? READ MORE

as a consumer i would like to know what a dentist pays for one implant post ,it can be the most expensive post.

Medical titanium is not that expensive and posts are totally made by robots,i need two posts upper denture two in lower denture,so when i am given... READ MORE

What can be done for mini-implant site too high, rubbing against my tongue and temporary denture rocks?

4 weeks post extraction of 6 bottom teeth and placement of 3 titanium min-implants. 1 Implant rubs tongue, sore spot and is higher than the other two.... READ MORE

I'm doing an implant and the dentist wants to surgically place skin over the titanium implant. Any suggestions?

The reason given is to prevent bacteria (food) from entering the opening in the implant. Then 3-4 months later a hole will be made in the skin for the... READ MORE

What's the best option for dental implants: zirconium implant or titanium implant?

I k.v.rajasekhar from india working as a teacher. i lost my 2 crown teeth in an accident. please suggest me READ MORE

Dental Implants -- inflammation/ swelling around the implant site.

It has been 11 days since I got my implant surgery. The surgeon said he removed cyst from the area and placed some at the implant site, after drilling... READ MORE

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